Site is offline

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The site has been offline for the past several days. A blog posting indicates the administrators are aware of the issue and working on it, but it continues to be offline all day.


avitor on
warez-bb is only site in my live please back fast thanks
Zadiesgs on

Is it down?? Why doesn't the activation email being sent out from this site when the site is up. No one can join if it's not sending them out. Love this site and hope they fix the bug soon.

jc on

WarezBB is experiencing a Critical Error 

Error doing DB query userdata row fetch


SELECT u.* FROM driaw_users u, driaw_sessions_keys k WHERE u.user_id = xxx AND u.user_active = 1 AND k.user_id = u.user_id AND k.key_id = 'xxx'

Line : 90
File : sessions.php 

Please mail us immediately at [email protected]

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