walmart benefits or walmart one

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 9:52am - Anonymous

walmart benefits or walmart one wont let me log in


ls on
I cannot login to anything either, havent been able to for days if not a week. I can get onto mywalmart for the schedule only, no paystubs or anything else. Walmartone wont load.
alisha on
i cant either i didnt even know they changed it
judy on
I didn't know they can the sites can't get the answers off the old sites the new site didn't know the answers to the safty ? I think walmart fixes things that aren't broke
Tom Apodaca on
Website will not pull up. It does not even go to the log in page.
Arlene Forsythe on
no paystubs or anything else walmartone wont load for days if not a week
Sara Welton on

Can't get to paystubs

Mary Clark on
I cannot log on to WalmartOne. I have no problem logging on to MyWalmart.
james carmon on
timothy wheeler on
cant log on to get paystubs again
Mary M. Moore on
I cannot get into my paystub or schedule through this new site either. I use to have a errow site on My walmart .com that would let me in. Wished I could get a site on this site.
johnny on

I need to know my paystubs

Elizabeth on

AutoFill Elizabeth Jolicoeur, Worceste

Elizabeth on

AutoFill Elizabeth  Worceste what is up whats up with sight cant get in to it all


Phyllis on

Hi did you fine the answer to unlock your walmart-one account.  I am having the same trouble and don't know how to fix it

John Ondieki on

I had forgotten my password to login for my schechule and every time I try to reset it the message that comes at the end is; 'oops contact administrator!'...I have tried several times carefully  but similar message comes up at the end, please help.

Derrica Rawls on

I'm not able to log on to my schedule at Wal MART I've forgotten my user I'd and password and have tried several time to change it and all I get is Oops and to try again,I've tried and still it keeps saying the same thing help please

Susieharrah on

locked out of paystup



georgia yourtee on
cant access info from old site to register to the new site,missing win
suziQ on
I think they probably cut WalMartOne associate hours too!!! Looks like the one there to help the customers!!!!
brenda on
dont feel bad it doesn't work for me either and i have changed my pass word and E-mailed the spport team with no reply from them or help
Mary on
they didn't reply to me either. this is very irritating mywalmart was perfectly fine. this new site is terrible, can't log it at all for a week at least.
samantha miller on
Can't find out why the Wal-Mart benefits online is still down need to look at my paystub should just left it alone
arlette on
if you just want to check your pay stub you can go to sign in with your regular user name and pw and it will give you options to check your pay stub. That's how I've been ding it..
judy on
Can't log into
rebecca on
walmartone ..not working i sign in it says redirecting then goes back to log in page!
pat p on
cant get on to see nothing paidcheck, stock,when to go to work why fix somthing thats not broke why change ///???
Rosemarie Fox on
I have been trying to get on the walmartone web site sense sunday,and cant get on
Llkeough on
Walmartone very irritating. Will not let me log on. I have tried many different days to do so. I would use the other site a lot
Llkeough on
Walmartone very irritating. Will not let me log on. I have tried many different days to do so. I would use the other site a lot
Pjfloyd on
What's going on with every time I try to login I can't . Always something wrong I can't check my schedule and my paystubs. can you fix the problem soon or go back to walmart aloha and mahalo Mrs Floyd
Brian on
Is Walmat having trouble with the mobile online schedule?; I get a 500 internal error sight cannot be opwned and no reason can be given due to Walmart robot text.
Anita on
I am having problems as well. I also am not able to log into the website on a computer. It says that it doesn't recognize my username and password combination. I hope I am not the only one with the problem.
Tonya on
I have tried to log in to for days but it won't let me I'm trying to get my schedule and I work tomowwow I thought it Would be back up by now that's why I didn't call but mywalmart is always crashing and majority of the time never works or is reliable so I mot know why walmart even has it
lorriepuza on
cannot log into my page to see my schedule

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Jane Hensley on
I can't get the new walmart one site to load.
Kb on
I know wish it would have never changed!!!
Debra on
I wish it hadnt either I never had trouble with the other one but this one I can never get on. Especially when it comes to getting my paystub. They should have left it alone.
Debra on
I just got on to print my paystub they said that they are working on the website to make it faster we will see.
Cindy jenniges on
I wish it wouldn't have changed I never had trouble before
Kathy Whitlock on
The old site wasn't broke so some fool just had to fix else can they justify their salary?
tiffany on
I cannot logg in to either site. Everytime i try to get on walmart one it doesnt work. The site was fine before wish it just stayed the same.
ls on
Mywalmart has not bseen working for a week right. I never even knew about walmartone site until messing around so much trying to get into mywalmart so much lol. I could only get my schedule after about 10x trying. I just found out about Walmartone yesterday and it was as bad as mywalmart wouldn't load nothing, I did have luck today... say my paystub everything one Walmartone as well as able to get my w2s. Good luck people, it all sucks lol. Sorry for the misspelling and such I'm on my tablet, I was the third post on the page responding.
Ryan on
I could care less about logging on to this website run by these laughable people. I know how the Walmart machine works, I work there. And it was the single most useless and worst mistake I have ever made. If I can save one person from enduring the disrespect and indignity of that place then it was worth the rant. I have a college degree, open availability, and numerous years of customer service under my belt yet I am the least paid and get the least amount of hours in my department. They just recently hired a girl for a dollar more on the hour then me because she has a rack and can flutter her eyes. I spit on the company and anyone who supports these Nazi bastards.
ellen on
maybe that attitude had something to do with it. Approach your querry in an adult manner and I guarantee you will get an adult answer for your misfortune with the Company.
Ryan on
Your absolutly right. How dare I except 40 hours a week or pay that would place me above the pverty line. How dare I expect more out of life instead of minimum wage and 17 hours a week. How dare I..... My attitude stems from the fact that I know how that machine works. And I am not going to stand by while these mongrels pinch my hours and my pay just so they can make thier bottom line look good. My attitude stems from dealing with a laughable public that treats the employees like rat feces and then want respect. My attittude stems from seeing my paycheck and then seeing my bills, and then seeing how much I have left over. My attitude stems from the fact that I had faith in Walmart, and then I worked there. Walmart would be a great place to work if the ones running the show actually lived by the lessons taught by the founder.
Jimmy on
Thank you for saying it so well for all of us
Kasey on
If you strongly dislike a company so much, no one is forcing you to be there. Leave if you are so unhappy perhaps your management doesn't want to have your negative attitude around and the other associate is more pleasant with her attitude and you're insecure which is making you assume she gets more hours and higher pay for her looks. You sound like a very bitter person.
Ryan on
Get a new job, why didn't I think of that. Maybe because this was the only job available and my bills not discriminate between employers. And your assumption of my insecurity is just that, an assumption. The last thing I have to do is justify my dislike in policy with you. Excuse me for being bitter when my paycheck has ten dollars left because management was more interested in their quartet bonuses then the lives of the employees that make it happen. Excuse me for being bitter when I still have to rely on the government to feed my family. Excuse me for being bitter because I have to borrow money for gas just to make it to work. Excuse me for being bitter when a company rolls the dice on the hourly wage they pay a person they hire,
Dick on
YOU chose to work at Wal Mart. YOU chose to stay there. Why is everything wrong in your life some one else's fault? You are part of the "whiners" and lazy spoiled generation who figures "the world owes me a living." There are tens of thousands of jobs out there for those who want them, and if they don't pay enough, go back to school, get an education, and go to work in your own business. Bottom line is YOU make your own life!! STOP WHINING AND FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF.
Connie on

I agree, walmart has become all about the mighty dollar. The people in the stores working their tale off get nothing. I've been working for walmart for 20yrs. If

I could find a job making what I make now, I would leave it in a minute. You get a yearly raise, if your there long enough it could add up to a nice little chunk of change.

But you go to work for 8hrs. and they expect you to do 10 hrs. of work in that 8 hrs. I'm stressed everyday. And the management team could care less. If you

get an attitude, they look at you like your the problem. One person can only do so much in one day. I use to love my job, now i don't won't to be there. And you

can be so easily replaced, it doesn't matter how long you've been there, or how good you are at your job. I wish Sam Walton could see what's going on in his

Business today. I know for a fact it would not be like this.




pandora on
i totally agree
ls on
Haaaa I agree, they are not a bad place of employment. The problem is the others who become employed because of so called equal opportunity and the customers are a variety. WAL-MART DOES NOT OFFER UNFAIR PAY. Unless your mad 3rd shift gets a 1.00 more, oh and you get a .30 raise every 6 months I believe.
Anoynomous on
Did I read this right? Walmart does not offer unfair pay. What a crock, and I mean what a crock. And every six months is a joke as well. Raises happen at my store whenever the management decides they are bored and need something to do. As far as fair that is, and sorry for the language, a pile of horse s!*t. I have seen people these get hired in without any experience and make more then those with degrees and experience all because they look good or have a nice a!*. Of course if the women refuses to be made a object then she is worse then a turd painted gold. And the hours are hilarious, straight up a joke. I am getting 16, and sorry to burst the bubble of these pro-Walmart pro-tards but I am cooperative and do my job and have been praised many times. That is until the managers friend got hired and then my hours went from 33 to 16. hmmmmmmmm..........must have been my attitude. And the ones who claim that others have a attitude are the ones lucky enough to have a full time position, through whatever means that is. And they see those under then as lazy workers that need to do more work for less money to appease the little men at the Wolly Headquarters. I would piss on the front step of the CEO if I new where he lived. Walmart has given me a job that is true, but at the expense of seeing how corrupted and back stabbing they are. They refuse to give people at my store full time and many times they dont have enough on staff to cover the areas. But I also refuses to do someone else's job without being paid that departments wages, and I guess I am reaping the benefits. But reasoning with a Wolly Roller (Those who thin that Walmart is all that) is like reasoning with a tree. Sorry little Wolly Rollers, the majority of the people you work with wouldn't piss on the exit sign if the store was on fire.
pandora on
i totally agree, its alot of things that the customers and the main store manager dontt know the goes on, and we disagree with it but we need the job so we know we have to keep working our butts off just so that we can keep our job. i love my job at walmart because is the first job that paid me 9dollars an hour and the store manager kevin is a sweet heart.and i dont let managers or employees or customers cloud my judgement and make me feel uncomfortable. yet is hard , i do my best to work work work, and they expect so much, however when you have an issue or need help you need to be careful how you go about communicating it and you have to stay persistent without being nagging. because thats how managemnt makes you feel. i feel that sam walton started an amazing business, however is only a few that live by those principles and or rules, and i feel that certain people deserve credit they arent getting. when ever associates try and find the store manager other managers will try and block you from getting to that store manager, almost intimidating. alot of times the store manager does not know all of what goes on. im not so sure about that open door policy. however i will continue to keep working hard and hopefully walmart manager start communicating better and more proffesionally with their employees and remeber we are all human and we all contribute to the succes and upkeep of this company. all walmart stores should close down one day every 3months and have all associates and managers come in were we all can freely speak our minds and respectfully confront situations and it all be in confidence, to better our communication our respect and no secrets.
Dick on
You are the poster child for sour grapes! If you are working at Wal Mart now, QUIT!! You must hate yourself. It is amazing to me that you seem to know more than all the executives in charge of Wal Mart!! Hey, if you can manage Wal Mart better, then apply for the job!! You sound like a disgruntled socialist who "has it in" for all business...... GET A LIFE!!
Annie on
You need to take those blinders off. People can't make it on 16 hours a week. Do you work 16 hours a week? If no is your answer then you have nothing to say to this person.
brian on
Well then find a new job, or get full time spot take your choice but stop blaming walmart.
ss on
d!*k you are right. I wish everyone that hates Walmart would quit. Yes there are issues, but every company has them, big or small. Walmart is no different. I am not full time and they have not hired full time associates in years. The ones that are full time are just a few, but at my store, if you ask for hours, you can at least get some. That is if you cashier. To much negativity, even government positions are facing hourly cut backs, so stop complaining and if you want full time, go for management. Then you will get plenty of time on the clock.
Rachael on
Raises happen for every single associate on their hire date every year. They offer at least 5 dollars if not more than minimum wage and they offer so much more than many other employment opportunities. If you are not happy working for Walmart then leave. If you can't find another job then you are not looking hard enough. There are jobs out there for people who bother to look hard enough. And your hours are not the only ones getting cut. They cut back all full time associates to 34 hours and part time to less because that's what home office wants. Take it up with them and quit complaining. Grow up and act like an adult.
mary on
LOL $5.00 over min. wage do you work at a walmart on the moon? or your married to someone in payroll or management. I have been on on for 2 yrs got the highest raise amount offered and make $1.60 over min. wage. LIES LIES LIES
David Rubio on
It all depends on mgmt., i've worked for wm for over 6 years and for the most part been treated with respect. There have been a couple of exceptions but if I were you I'd check the attitude and be a little more cooperative it might not help but it couldn't hurt. Just a thought.
Dick on
You show an amazing amount of information about your store. How do you know you are the least paid? Have you gone to your HR department? If you are this upset about working at Walmart, then be true to yourself, and quit the company. They don't need you or your attitude!!!
Ryan on
Quit, why didn't I think of that. I just hope my family and the bill collectors understand I had to be true to myself. And if you think I am the only one with the attitude then sorry to break your faith, many employees carry the same attitude. In many states Walmart is the biggest employer, and yet has the biggest number of employees on government benefits while the Walton's swim around in over 100 billion in net worth. Not to mention how they continually cut and slash benefits so they can make even more money. The majority of the employees that don't have attitudes are the ones with their lips glued to the backside of upper management.
Irene on
I find all.your ranting is.from being uneducated about the company you work for. The management team doesn't roll the dice on wages they have a system in place that they can not override that determines the wages by your job and experience not the size of your rack. The company has many opportunities if you choose to work hard and be positive. These things are earned not just handed to you on a silver platter. I highly doubt you are the least paid and being part time with a horrible.attitude.towards the customers and the company its no wonder they don't give you more hours. You should be grateful they allow you to work. If you are as great as you think you are then you should have no problem advancing through the multiple opportunities this company offers. As well as numerous other employers should be wanting to hire you, but since they are not it sounds more like a personal issue not a walmart problem. Hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude will get you some where not ranting like a spoiled brat.
Ryan on
Nice little speech. And uneducated huh, that's also nice. And if management doesn't roll the dice the tell me how one person with a masters degree will get paid 7.45 while a new hire, doing the same job, will get paid 8.85? Sounds fishy to me, but that's just me. But of course Walmart is the height of all fairness and equality among its employees. Especially whenever 80% of Walmart employees are on government benefits, and by no fault of their own. But uneducation must be making those numbers up. Not to mention the drastic cut in hours, all to make the bottom line for each store look good, but I must be mistaken about that. What about the limited number of full time employees that each store can have, but I must be wrong on that. And let's not forget the little rumor about the forced retirement of older employees so they can cut the tax hike coming in 2013, but that must be rumor. And don't worry, I don't think I'm great, those are your words. I just feel that the employees deserve just a little extra scraps from the Walton table, just a few, you know, so we can feed our families without using a ebt card, but that's just me I guess. As for the great and wonderful opportunities that Walmart offers, which I fail to see any, must be eluding my uneducated eye. As for the numerous other employers I didnt realize that the workforce was so saturated with work or I would have left long ago. As for earning my place that I do agree with you on, it's just to bad that doesn't happen at Walmart. And just for a little info when I started I was full of energy, positivity and determination. If this was going to be my life then I was going to make it work. My attitude was forged by Walmart and the way they choose to treat employees. Silver platter, nice touch. I had to pawn my silver jut to buy some Christmas presents. Thankfully the quartet bonus from Walmart (12.05) was able to fill my tank enough to make it to work for the several 4 and 3 1/2 hour shifts.
ls on
Let me say this quick. WAL-MART PAYS YOU 30 CENTS MORE AN HOUR PER YEAR EXPERIENCE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE TOWARDS WHAT YOUR HIRED FOR. Not that hard to figure. HAVE ANY DEGREE YOU WANT, I DOUBT YOUR DEGREE IS RELEVANT WITH YOUR HIRED POSITION, THEREFORE YOU GET NOTHING MORE. if you have 5 years proved experience with a register, and get hired to do register you you get 3o cents times 5 more than others with no exp, If you have 5 years register experience and get hired maintenance than you start MINIMUM WAGE FOOL
Dick on
It's true! You have been used, and abused, by Wal Mart, and you have been forced into slavery at your store!!! Why not apply to North Korea, or Communist China, where you are assured of a job, get free health care, and a free apartment to live in. THE CHOICE to stay at Wal Mart is yours. Quit feeling sorry for youself, and get a life!
Rachael on
I really hope your management finds this feed and pulls you in and makes you see how stupid you are. And then I hope you get fired for the attitude you have. We don't need that with our company.
Howard on
You know what is really pathetic, y'all arguing over wal-mart online when none of y'all are going to do s!*t, just putting it out there
Anonymous on
Hate to say it but the Mr. Ryan has hit the nail on the head. Many of Walmarts practices border on the laughable and the moronic. I am a cart pusher, having to dodge disrespectful customers, dealing with the rain sleet and snow, and yet somehow I am on lowest pay-grade. And yet the deli man, who makes sandwiches, is somehow one of the highest grade level in the store. And I would like to know how the many bosses I have can tell me to go to another part of the store, like the deli, and do the same work but not get paid the grade level for that job. The last time they asked me I said I would if they pay me the same as any other deli employee, they said no and so did I. Now they cut my hours which flux from 21 one week to 17 the next. And the reason they do this is so I cant declare unemployment for the hours they cut. Walmart is a shadey company that views the employees as nothing but numbers on a spreadsheet. And dont get me started on their so called benefits. After being there for a year I finally was able to get insurance, which when taken out of my paycheck left me with little to nothing. But when I got sick with a major flu I still had a co-pay and doctor bills. And then getting wrote up for missing because of the flu really made sense to me. Its to bad that Walmart views its employees so poorly. If they showed them just a tiny bit of respect many employees attitudes would change, thus changing the store, thus making the store more profitable. Customers dont want to shop at a store where the employees are all miserable. Who would? But the employees are miserable because of the way Walmart treats them. Sorry for the hard facts people but its all true. Most of the pro-Walmart rants I have heard stem from those in management, are friends with management, or are sleeping with management.
jackie on
You sound like you are very unhappy with your job if you dont like what you do you will always find the bad so like Brian said you need to find a new job. and just so you know the grass is not greener on the other side all jobs have problems so good luck. one more thing if you was only giving the facts why wouldnt you stand up like a man or women and put your name.
marij on
well then I dont know what to do I am a great employee have gotton a few employee of the months, topped out on my raise on every review, and I agree with ryan I hate this place with every fiber of my sole! lets see their benefits are a joke went to my first doctors appointment & got an $879.98 bill because walmart covers 0 when you have a cancerus mole! My electericity got cut off yesterday and its about 23* where I live beacause I have to choose between my bills, rent, or food every paycheck. And I do work full time so the goverment wont help me.To top it off YYYAAAAYYY they took away our dental benefits so I hope my big rack makes a difference because soon I wont have any teeth left THANKS WALMART.. all you ppl who love this placehave been brainwashed
brian on
If you really hate your job so much then quit and dont look back.
Harry Brickell on
I cannot logg in on either sites.I cannot get on the old or the new site.
lorrie d. hunt on
Cannot get on either site to look @ paystub or schedule. When will this be fixed and what to don until then?V2L
This happens every weekend. I really hope they get this fix. And stop update this web site. Walmart stores are falling apart. Now website is falling apart. Company gets to big as well as their website that things start to fall apart around them and they can't keep up.
Heather on
I just don't understand why they changed it in the first place I can't check my schelude on the old and the new one come on people your a billion dollar company and you can;t even get a little old website to work pay me the big bucks and i'll do the website. Hopefully I'm not late to work because I not quite sure what Thanks again and I hope you get it working real soon.
jackie on
Heather you can also get your check stub and your schedule off the wire at your store its a lot easier. just in case you didnt know.
moreno on
what is the new site anyway. heard they moved but didn't take the time to ketchup
Travis on
So this Walmartone stuff isn't very cool. it changed what a few weeks ago and now it dosent work. Walmartone worked just fine before they changed it. I checked it out a few times but, all i really care about is my PAYSTUB and My SCHEDULE. Why do they want to try and make it like Myspace or something. Im gonna try and email corporate.
Debi on
When I tried logging into mywalmart from my mobile and my tablet both of them said sould not connect because there was not a secure connection? I have accessed mywalmart before from both of those units with no problem. I hope someone is reading this who can take these problems and try to fix them. I know its early but WAKE UP WALMART!!
Susie on
I also tryed to log into this new Walmartone site all day yesterday with no luck. this morning I tryed again, looked in the upper right hand corner and found the tiny yellow logon symbol and it took me to everything. I probably could have noticed it sooner if it had been printed larger.
Marie on
Destiny on
I really dislike the new site, it's slow and it doesn't work half of the time. Now it comes up as an error, and now the old website wont let me log in. I really needed to see my paystub and schedule today, I don't know what to do.. please go back to the old website.
Melinda on
I tried logging into walmartone and it said i already have an account. I have not set one up yet.
tif on
Ok tried to log in to walmartone for a week now and stil will not take user name and password just keeps sending me to the login screen!
anthony on
haven't been able to log onto the new site! keeps looping the log in page @_@
Andy on
it only lets me cheched my schedule on the old site and it tells me to use the same info to log in on the walmartone but i do and it jst keeps taking me back to the log in screen i wanted to checked if the W2 was in yet cuz i get it every year around this time...this needs to go back to the old walmart site
Mike on
I'm sick of busting my a!* for $7.95 working graveyard hours and getting written up for being sick. No full time benefits and too much month at the end of my money.. wal-mart used to be so good to my mother now they're f**king me in the A**.
jackie on
Mike things change and like other company's if wal-mart want to stay open to give you a job then it have to change with the for the hours that was what you put in for you can only blame your self for that. everyone know wal-mart only hire part time so if you want a full time job and not trying to get management dont apply.
Arlene Forsythe on
Arlene Forsythe on
Arlene Forsythe on
I Like to Chick my online paystub
martha on

why did you change old site ?  unable to get into my stock purchases to check my balances.never had problems before you change sites.

Jacqueline on
I knew about the change my problem is i have changed my email address and forgot my user name and password they will send it to me but to a email i no longer have access to. what can i do anyone know
Gayle on
I can't login to Walmart one or my benefits to check my schedule. I don't have no problem checking my checking my pay stub or anything else, just my schedule
Annieo on
I have worked for WM for over 7 years and it seems ever since Sam Walton passed the company has only thought about their own share of the money. They want excellent customer service and we have to work like dogs to get the work done since we don't have enough help. You don't know how many times I hear the customers complain they can never find any help or the merchandise we should have for them. I have seen items out of stock for days that we should have and then they wonder why we aren't making our sales or getting a bonus. A lot of times the merchandise is probably in the stockroom but for some reason doesn't get out on to the floor. I have worked in retail for over 40 years so I should know a little bit about how the process works. I am also a customer and get frustrated about things not available or can't find any help. I make good wages so that is not an issue but the managers and the way things are done really bother us. Everyone is under so much demand and stress that it's hard to have a positive attitude about our job. How many of these executives have actually worked for WM or even seen how the daily operations actually go and see the frustrations we have or actually care about their hard working force. Some of the merchandise these buyers get is questionable too. We didn't sell much of it last year so why would you buy the same thing that won't sell and have to be marked down so there's no profit?? I personally think WM should get back to stocking more of the basics in merchandise, trends come and go but in today's economy people are buying more basics instead of what they don't need or is a luxury for some people..
jeffrey braswell on
i dont like this
Gloria zayas on
I have use Walmart one before and now I cannot logon why. I try every day and I still cannot login. What's wrong with the site.
anita on
went to walmart one but info in got to 3 step but in their code and its telling me wrong code help thank you
janice on
i hae not been on the sight for along time. since i have forgot my id and pasword. it does tell me it will send to my email but i now have a different email therefore i cant get anything. i need to creat a new account but it keeps telling i am registered and wil not let me. How do i get around this. I have others at my store that are in the same boat i am.
Susan Peters on
Having problems getting on web site
Richard Adams on
I can't log in on walmart one for the last week or so. If you can't fix walmart one web page go back to my walmart and call it a day I'm tired of not able to get my schedules and pay stubs.
Gwen Vallandingham on
This website is the worst that I have encountered!!!! It is frustrating that you have to go through hoops to try and get your schedule!! Can someone please take time to fiure out why this has to be so diffucult?
barbara portley on
can't log in to pay stub can't get my pass word thank you!!
Lisa benson on
I try to log into mywalmart or walmart one on my I phone like I used to and it says server has stopped every time. I though it was phone but all other sites are ok. Is something I need to do to fix this?
Shirley on
Can not get on walmart one to get anything HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! I would like to get my pay stub!!!!!!!
Nancy on
Challenge questions.... really... I first set this up how many years ago... no way to reset questions....Cannot get to pay stub.... FIX THIS STUPID STEP....
Since changing this it has been terrible website won't load
Glenda Williams on
It terrible that as big as our company is we have such a problem with such little things. This Associate login site sucks and it do not give you the opposion to change your email address from the one you used to registered with. I no longer use that email address it were compromised. Please help I can't check anything NOT ANYTHING!!!
Janice L MIller on
I am unable to log on to to get my pay stub. I can log on to I was able to use it two weeks ago but now I cannot Is the system down?
Eugenia Collins on

I have been lock out of my account to see my check stub only this problem.  I can view everything on Walmart one except my check stub every time I try to login it tell me to call the help desk. Is there a number or solution to this problem it so I need help ASAP. 

linda e okonski on
Login wont even let me type in my whole name.Help...i havent been able to get on my acc. In over a year.Site cant find my name!!
PAT on
cannot sign in for payroll does not give an error message it just comes back to the signin page
Sean on
ok this is why I dislike what Walmart does. for associates is and was great. It showed in nice detail and format what my schedule was. I could even go look at my pay stub. Then, Some genius at the top prob Said. Umm g I da noo let's make a new site with one at the end cause hey we Walmart we #one. So others are going along hollering yeah yeah that's awesome. And us associates are like ok it may be good. Oh wait tn for telling us the site crashes cause no one made it properly and tested it before it was in actual final working stage. Also why is the old site still up. Hmmm it still when I can get on it shows my schedule yet the new one did not. I have a life Walmart CEOs so I don't go on the stupid time clock and say ok ill check day by day and the. Write it Down or go there to print it out. I loved the way it was when it was convenient for the associate so we could go to Sign in take a screen shot of the month in advance and then work around it. What Walmart think we is zom bees working in a hive. My thing is if something isn't broke why fix it. If ya fix it why incorporate the new web page before the bugs have been fixed and checked out. Can some one explain how this makes ((((logical))))sense. I believe I lf each store had a few speakers to speak for the rest which met with the home office people or the higher ups who ever they are about decisions. Things would go smoother. It may be all about money to some people but if things ran smoother on all Levels bottom from top then the company would the. Benifiet better. If ya associates are happy you're customers are getting taken care of better. Which means you're image is better and sales go up which entails more profit in the long run. I don't think that's hard to understand. I mean I'm a kart pusher and I get it. Why is this not the standard way of doing business!??!!
stephanie ward on
I'm not able to log onto walmart one either everytime i try it tell me it doesn't recoinze my log in. I have change my password ect
Phyllis Fields on
rebecca on
o.k. was working back again to not log in and sends you back to log in AGAIN!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr this was happening before to! should have left it to!!!!!!
rebecca on
still jumping back to log in after i log in????
Rose Najera on
I'm getting very annoyed due to the fact that I can log into my account but I try and look at m y schedule but no such luck! I would like to be able to view my schedule.
deloris collins on
I can not get my schedule on my computer get everything else would like to know what is the problem
cindy johnson on
I can not get my schedule on my computer can get my payroll stub and everything else what am I doing wrong?
Bobbi Kay on
I can log in and see my paystub just fine, but when I go to look at my schedule all I get is "page not found". Been this way for 3 weeks now. I tried using different browsers and cleaning out cache/cookies but nothing helps. Is this the same issue everyone else is having when trying to see your schedule?
cindy johnson on
yes I just what to be able to get my schedule I could get on the other site but know I can't on walmartone
Mary R on
Can't sign on at all. I hate the new site. The old site was fine. Never had a problem. Why try to fix something that isn't broke?
Rachel on
I have a iPhone and I can not get on why ?
m on
This is what I get when I try to log in. We don't recognize that username and password combination. Please try again grrrr
brenda on
I cant sign in to my home page of walmart
Aniceta Leiws on
I have been trying to log in 20 times and wont let me. I have a correct user ID and password still won't let log in. I am so annoyed of this.
sheryl on
have not been able to log on since site changed to walmart one . goes to main screen then keeps kicking me back to log on screen when I try to check pay or schedules, please let me know when it will be fixed thanx sheryl
Linda Baker on
I am trying to get the site for discounts on motels and discounts on tickets in San Antonio, Texas. Were do I go?
ana thornton on
i do not like it at all. cannot sign on at all. i do not understand about typing character i have try it many times and it says wrong. can you do something for associates like me thaty is not computer smart. i like the old web site better.easy to get to sch.,paystub,stock, and 401k. i see i have to type code i hope it works.i do not understand why changing web when it works
Pat Sandoval on
Walmartone home page won't open. Ever since it switch from mywalmart to walmartone login has been very difficult at times takes takes 15 min to open.
nancy carroll on
can not log to walmart one or mywalmart .com for a week , please help
nancy carroll on
walmartone and mywalmart can not enter please fix it's been down over week ,
Sue Davis on
I submitted a change of schedule last Friday and sign by the Chris the Main Manage at Pickens, SC because have to teach in College every day and nite starting last weekend I adjust my sch. to work on Sats and Sundays every week end..I can not retreive my sch. to work this weekend from home
Alice candelaio on
I cant access to my schedule
Julianna on
I can access everything on the site except my schedule. This has been going on for a few days for me and I can see that it's been going on for awhile now. Does anyone know what's up with that?
marilyn amento on
marilyn amento on
Karen on
The new Walmart one website is not smart phone friendly (iPhone) at all, I can log into the site but the log in for scheduling won't open. The was much better. Have to be at work to get my schedule or make any changes to payroll direction:( Don't like the new site. Please update so it's more accesable for associates.
frances marie r... on
need to be able to get on walmart site and cant i need to start new
Brandon on
Can't get wal-mart one site to work as well . Hope it works soon !
Ramona P Trowbridge on
Have not been able to log into Walmartone site for weeks now. Can't login to Walmart Benefits either.
John C Trowbridge on
Have not been able to login to Walmartone site for weeks. Walmart benefits doesn't work either.
me on
thur,25,2013 pay stub will not boot up
Leah Johnson on
Can't log into wal-mart one to pull up my schedule
Judy on
Doesn't work. Why am I enemy surprised.
Kirsten on
This isnt the first time this site hasn't worked.
Leah on
Won't pull up on a iPhone.
Trail on
I think I may have the solution. I have had the same problem for months of not being able to log in. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser this may be the cause. For some reason I think that and Google Chrome are incompatible. I just found it hard to believe that I could access it from work, but couldnt at home. So I decided to test my theory and it worked!!. I used Internet Explorer to log on to walmartone and this did work. Tried it from Google Chrome and it still doesnt work. I still use Google Chrome for most web browsing because its faster, but when I need to log on to Walmartone I use Internet Explorer. Give it a try and see if it works for you.
loretta on
i have been able to get to the website using Google Chrome, and up until today have not had much problem. But for as much trouble as i have had today, and it sounds like a lot of other folks have had the same trouble. You cant help being PO'd at the damn thing,
Michelle on

Sweet !! THANK YOU :)

virginia on
tried to log on to associates website to view and my password and user id the system will not accept need a new username and password
Joseph vigil on
Hello, it's down for me as we'll. yesterday I was able to log in but was only able to see my scheduel as well. But now it says server timed out or unable to connect cuz server is down. I really hope this is fixed soon, I like the option to see scheduel so I can print it out so I won't forget my scheduel.
Lori on
Can't get my schedule. Says server is down. Been trying for 3 days. Have problems getting to it on my iphone, but never at home. There is a problem with the site!
Shari on
Ok this is ridiculous I can't access my schedule from work or home..since they changed to walmart one continuous problems please fix this its very frustrating since it is the only way to access your schedule it should work properly
April on
The Walmartone website won't go past the login screen. It's been doing this for a couple weeks now whenever I try. That is how I check my schedule and my paystub. Very annoying plz fix ASAP
Mark on
The user name you entered is incorrect. Please try again. keeps popping up and i know im using the correct log in. WTF
stoney on
The site never seems to work. It's useless.
Lois Matula on
Can not check schedule on my phone anymore can't get anyof the sites to come up
Tara best on
It's 9:31 in Oklahoma on7/1/13 Walmartone will not let me login to look at my pay stub.
linda wyatt on
cannot get on mywalmart or walmart one for my paystub . will not let me login to either one.
Loretta on
what the hell, i have not been able to log in to WM to get schedule or pay stub info. This is getting to be ridiculous.
Nancy on
Once again the login site won't let me log in. What's the problem this time?
Rhonda J Freshley on
Can't log in for pay stub
joyce on
why i can not get info from walmartone.
Thomas j larimer on
I am unable to change my password to a new on, now my old pass word does not work, need some help. Need to get my new sch.
Nancy on
I had to buy a new computer recently. Couldn't login using Internet Explorer on the new computer. Got Google Chrome and now I don't have any problems logging in. Have been able to get my pay stub and new schedule.
Afzia ALI on
problem in scheduls. whant morning shift.
wilma long on
i trying to check my schule but it want let me login on. walmart one .com
nina on
I can not get in my login it said my password in not right tell me why
Barbara Sauve on
I need a number for a help desk. Im locked out of the page that shows my pay stub. The notice said to contact help desk. Store manager, 2 electronics employees and HR worker are all unable to help. I have tryed every place on the Walmart one home page and still cannot get help.
Yasmin on
same here, cannot find help desk anywhere, I need to print my pay stub on an urgent basis. Anybody please have the answer to unlock the access to my pay stub....Please...
robin dawson on
Can't get my work schedule online.
audrey on
I can not log on to walmartone
John on
Can't get paystubs online, site is having technical difficulties. Can't get an official copy of them at the store because it just prints out on receipt paper. They won't issue paper paystubs because I have direct deposit. I need to turn these in tomorrow morning for my mortgage application. These issues are often. I also can't access my 401(k) info, the retirement plan section is down too. Many times I can't access my schedule.
Ruth Ray on
Cant get my on line pay stub, keep giving oops error has a cured contact administrator
Virginia McIntyre on
I can not login
fannie Hawes on
I cannot get log in one my walmartone associate acount
Martha Silvey on
I am not able to log in to WalmartOne for anything . It says I already have an account but will not let me log in.
john pinkston on
been trying to view my schuedule keeps going back to view enter password
glenda mcdonald on
I can't log on to my schedule any more.
upset on
I haven't been able to access it in days..... keep trying both sites (walmartone and mywalmart) and neither will work, asks me to sign in and then says internal server not found and says it could be my net connection but if it was that i wouldn't be able to use anything else and EVERYTHING ELSE works perfectly- games, facebook, e-mail, etc... Looked at the FAQ nothing of use there it says to try the old site but a few lines further down states that the old site now leads to the new site anyhow. When is walmart going to get around to fixing the site? There's no real spot to report the site down either... I googled the issue and found this thread... I don't like being forced to print my schedule at work but like I said it's been DAYS........
Tom S. on

Are you using Chrome? Try accessing in either an incognito window or in a different browser like Firefox.

Tammy Ruggiero on
Walmart one wont let me in to see my paystub or schedule
Sue on
Walmart help is a joke,have we gotten so large that we no longer have the ability to assists our associates?
Lisa Hunter on
Cannot get into paystubb for about 3 wks already!!!
amir on
Last 2 day cannot. Log in to when fix the problem thanks.
Andrea Johnson on

I'm having trouble getting on it keepsay inning server down

Deb on

Can't pull up schedule, Have tryed as I do everyday since the web page was set up. All I am getting is  7 little icons. It adds flyout at the end.

Bill on

Site down once again....can't get into says server is done no checking schedule today.


tewaina on




Cannot log on to get my work schedule.

Shirley Dickens on

What is going on with the web site .  I need to log on and i can not.   Have we change sites and nobody told us.  PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rose on

i have not been able to get on the site for almost 2 weeks, it says redirect, and it just goes and goes and goes.  ridiculos


annette dixon on


tazzarou7 on


Joan C. Ayres on

will not let me log jnto anything except beneficary

jan on

Been trying to log on to walmartone for 5 days.  Keeps taking me to log in page

cathybaird on


patricia helms on

I am not able to login into my walmartone to check schedules or anything. Continuosly says sight is down, then at one point, it didnt recongnize any of my logins, so I re-registered... and still nothing

Ray Sarkees on

unable to log in to get paycheck

susan hamm on

I am trying to report a intermittent absence and wll not connect..

Edith on

get message saying page cannot be displayed! Need to get on this site!

Diane Dessellier on

I have not beeen able to get on the site to check my pay stub since they changed the program keeps telling me to contact my administrator. When I ask my adminstrator ,they say they have heard of this

kenneth johnson on

i cant get on my walmart one account,it goes back to login or says cant get it

Donna on

I am trying to login to set up my benefits and it keeps telling me that the website is unavailable!!  I only have until 4/10 to get this done.  Are there any other options???????


Anna Gonzales on

I cannot log into either site to chech my schedule or download my paystub

james langford on

I need to reset my passward and user id and security questions

john barcelona on

ive been trying to log on for almost  2 hours just to view my work schedule. i keep logging on and get   to log on page over and over. what the hell is wrong with this  logon page. who is running the show  a bunch of monkeys

James Ogle on

What a hassle..Unable to log in. ni7P4

Melba on

Trying to log in for pay stub.  I keeps telling me a code has been sent to me e-mail when I check my e_mail no code what do I do?

Ed on

Come on why is the site down after maint preformed??? Please get it back up please


Sharon A Smith on

Log-in page keeps sending me back to log-in every time I hit log-in button. Doesnt take me to my home page.


pedro on

I been with the company for over 10 years and I never been able to log in on the system wander why 

Ramesh on

Last three day I can not login so I can not see my schedule

judy malawka on

can not login.

Sylvia SMITH on

it wont, let me log in

Gloria Kelly on

I have not been able to login to any part of my walmart account for over a week. i have even changed my pass word but told i have an existing account.


Sam on

Wal Mart websites are totally screwed up.  I used to be able to go right to the site to fill my prescriptions, check pay stub, schedule, etc.  I've been "playing around" for 20 minutes to find my schedule for tomorrow.  It took me "forever" several days ago to order a prescription refill........Sometimes the more technology we use, the dumber we get....


apolonio garcia on

will not let me login

mary stanley on

cannot log in to schedule or benefits

Wesley w Wagner on
I'm getting so up set about trying to get on this site and it not working. I have been trying for years.
Shelly Osterhoudt on

I've try for months no one will help me.

Lady on

well company isnt changing been there three years soon.  Did get full time after a year but new hires with no experience make more than you do pretty disgusting. 

Frank Francolino on

can not log on to any walmart site. It does not recognize my log in information and offers no explanation.Iwill try again latter, in the hopes that the problem is on your end

Shannon on

I tried to set up my moms walmart one app so she can check her schedule onlin, well it said she's already registere. I need to talk to someone to fix it 


wanda on
I have had trouble signing into my account for like three weeks. When i go log in it tells me web page not available. I don't have a computer i just use my phone . What can i do please help.
wanda on

I have had trouble signing into my account for like three weeks. When i go log in it tells me web page not available. I don't have a computer i just use my phone . What can i do please help.

barbara landry on

I was told to try 24 hours after we get paid WELL IT IS STILL NOT WORKING. Does any one know what is going own? Thw site says itis down.

Linda Pienik on

How do I change my registered email  adress and password and user I'd with wallmart

yaeko on

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