STILL cannot checkout!

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 5:15pm - Anonymous

I sent an e-mail on 5/10 stating that when I go to checkout, I get a message that says due to high volume we cannot show that page.  I received a letter back stating that there is no problems with the website.  i've tried logging on elsewhere....same thing.  ?????


Barbara Rahn on

Walmart check out shows not only a shipping cost on a free shipping order, but also shows a different shipping anount due as I try to navigate the check out.  Guess I'll e-shop elsewhere!

mksturm on

me too...been trying for days...weeks...shoot over a month does not work!

Baarbara Rahn on

Yesterday evening (May 14) I reported this on two websites and finally found a "comments" I could click on at the bottom of a Walmart page. I sent an email directly to Walmart. Recieved automated reply with unrelated answers to my question.  It also said to reply to the email if that didn't answer my question. So I replied.  Got another automated email but this one said if the question had still not been answered to call, 800-966-6546.  So I did. Had to wait around 10 - 15 minutes to get a service rep. Her name was Maya and she worked very courteously and diligently.  She seemed to have access to all my info - credit cards, preferences, shopping cart - everything.

During the next 20 minutes she agreed that the check out page was showing me different shipping charges and that those charges were not what was showing up on her screen. Her supervisor said she could check me out and then refund the shipping.  Then the phone got cut off.

mksturm on very frustrating!!!!

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