Order wont submit and site to store keeps defaulting to Las Vegas 1000 miles away from me

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 7:20pm - Anonymous

The site keeps screwing up and saying Desitination Unavailable then every time I sign back in it changes my default site to store location to Las Vegas. Its been doing this for about a month now.  I have used many many times and I am an expert computer user.  Their site is seriously screwed up, they must be loosing a lot of businesss. I cant imagine this is good for their stock.  My last order was shipped to Las Vegas and when I tried to cancel it they gave me a huge amount of grief.  I bet that store in Las Vegas is going nuts with orders.


Anonymous on
I've tried to place an order online tonight several times and I am getting the same error message that the Desitination Unavailable.

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