Keeps saying all of my groceries are unavailable and then they come back in my cart

Sun, 09/19/2021 - 11:42am - Anonymous


Ken on

Same thing happening to me too.  I'll order things that show in stock and go to cart to check out and 75% show out of stock within a 10 minute period. Check back 30 minutes later and show back up available in my cart.  I've been dealing with this screwed up Walmart app for there weeks now and each time is a different issue from can't reserve time, every thing out of stock, can't process the order at this time, have to pick if you want pick-u, delivery or shipping for each item you try to put in cart, and go open app next day with showing zero in your cart when less than 24 hours you had 143 items in cart.  You would think a multi billion dollar company they could figure out how to upgrade grade an app.  Walmart has made this a total FU and have me taking my $1100 a month pick up/ delivery groceries to Target. Why did Walmart mess with something that was working great and turned it into a major mess up.  

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