Error at checkout

Fri, 11/20/2020 - 3:49pm - Anonymous

For the last 9 hours I have been trying to check out on the app and it says error.


Jenn on

Attempted to finalize online purchase three days in a row now and have been receiving different check out errors. Could not load cart, cannot checkout, other failure messages. Using latest Chrome on laptop, cleared cache and cookies, different cart contents to see if "magic" number acheived, different times of day in case of site traffic, etc. all with no luck. Christmas gifts for 11 children are pending ablity for me to just fork over the money electronicaly (which is usually the quickest and easiest part) but it still won't work. Any post with updates on when fixed or if there is a workaround would be great.

Christina on

I am having the same problemĀ 

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