Day 9, still cannot place a delivery order

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 8:58am - Anonymous

I am losing patience with this as I have paid for a service I cannot use. Walmart should never have changed the website or app. There are never any slots available for any of the locations near me, once in a while, I get lucky and have some canned cat food change to shipping only and I have placed a few orders that way, but I am unable to purchase my groceries. Once again I will have to go to Kroger grocery delivery so I can have some food. 


Upset on

I wanted to add, I have cleared the browser cache/cookies, I have tried different browsers, I have tried a different Windows 10 laptop, I have updated the app on my phone and I tried the browser on my phone, no change. I have been on multiple chats and a few phone calls with Walmart and still no resolution. I sure hope Walmart fixes this soon or revert back to the old website and app. 


paulie on

Therein lies the problem.  The old website was almost flawless.  This new fiasco has been nothing but trouble.  You put a number of items in your cart for pickup, but when you view those items.....some are listed as shipping only.

Yet during the shopping of those items, pickup was an option.

M on

Geeeze whats going on Walmart ?? I cant shop on line, trried to look at clothes, and other things..for the past few days..The site is Sooooo slow, and wont download the clothes, or much of anything..than it says having error issues , try again later ! Well WALMART,, i have been a loyal customer for years,, you will lose many customers,, if you dont Correct this ! 

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