can't register 1 hour guarantee gift card, after waiting 2 hours in line and soending 2 hours trying to get to site. No wonder Wal mart has a poor reputation

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 1:25am - Anonymous


amy on
Have been trying all night to register my tv, what are we to do? I hate Walmart
Tena Terry on
I can not get my black friday card registered for my TV. I'm really disgusted because you have to wait for hours in line to get the guarantee card and then you have to wait in line to pay for it then you come home and spend hours trying to register you card to find out there is no site to register it on. This is why I usually don't but things like this at Walmart to much hazzle.
bryan on
Hey i am in the same boat with all of you but listen alot of this is our own faults.We think we cannot go out of ouR houses without a trip to wal mart but i bet if we would star taking our monies back to places like k mart i bet they would not put us in this shape because we are talking about a company that has a computer base that tells them the minute a pacK of gum leaves their shelves aNd you tell me they cant keep a server up and running Over selling a couple of million TV'S. PLEASE WELL THERE' MY 2 CENTS WORTH
kennardsr on
come on people you want us to put our money up for the TV and now we are in a mess of not getting it b/c you failed to have your eggs in order. fix the damn thing already! There is no such thing as a guarantee in ur business yet alne life. Two things are guarantee, Death & paying taxes. get ur act together CEO, VIP's, IT team. What a complete failure.
Redmond on
I tried all night to register it is not possible to register your TV online because it is a trick of Walmart trade to take info from you and attch donmdelta-pc Ads on your pc to track your shopping pure and simple fraud I hate Walmart I said I was not going to shop there anymore I hate my self even more for being such a sucker to fall for the trick we must remember Walmart blood sucking takers they are not in business to give us a break on our wallets.
June on
I sooo dislike Walmart . Problems with registering card . Tried get my money back after four phone calls, three visits to the store , three custimer service girls, spoke with three managers and they still will not give me my money back that I paid cash for unit the ipad ships to the store 5-10 days. Nice going tying up my money of $434.00. No where on My receipt does it say I cannot get a refund . Scam scam scam SECAM
kennardsr on
I re-tried, I got thru this time. they (walM) appeared to have fixed the problem. thks IT team. Lookin fwd to seein my new TV. don't give up yall, today is the last day to sign in ur BlkFriday card. like NIKE says, Just Do It!
kennardsr on
I called a local walmart to see if they had some tv's in stock. they put me on hold four times. then when I conplained (no cuse words) they (pittston PA) hung up on me. Wow! no shame in their game... see you on the other side of hell, walmart. that's just BAD business in any launage. kj
M McIntyre on
I will need to pick-up my TV at 4004 Lawrenceville Hwy NW Lilburn, GA 30047 as soon as they become available. I already paid for it and have gift card and receipt with this evening's date. Thank you.
vivi on
I bourght a tv and now I can not registry, I have tried to do it for the past 1 and1/2 hour this is rediclist, now I know why I do that shop at walmart.
Rose Guffey on
I have been trying 3 1/2 to register for my ipad....What do I do?????????????????????
t yarbrough on
I bought a tv and paid and cant register my card!!!! why is this???
don on
this 1 hour in stock guarantee was nothing but a big rip off, time to boycott walmat
pat on
I also am trying to register for the guarantee and have been trying all day. I think I am going to get my money back. Does Wal-mart really care? I don't think so. This is such a rip off!! I hope next year nobody buys their stuff!!
dyan on
My father and I both have been trying to register our paid card for a TV to no avail. We have been trying since Thursday night and everyday since. What a blatant scam! And what happens if we still can't register before the 11:59 pm cutoff on Sunday????? We lose the money??? I agree with Don on boycotting! It's time to stop the nonsense Walmart! At this point in time you absolutely suck at accommodating your customers. I plan to inform the media in my city and hope that every city in the U.S. exposes you for the fraud that you represent!!
dana combs on
yea its a lot of bull nobody can get on n orader there stuff they already paid 4,so what happens if we cant ever get on n order...I no I paid money 4 my stuff I want it or my money back...
Edith Gurganus on
why was all the 32 inch TV gone at 6:15 when there was a 1 hour in STOCK Guarantee. I have been trying to register my card for the TV for 1 hour and the web site will not let me tell them when I would like to pick up my TV, that I have already paid for. I also have been trying to call the number given for help for 1 hour and just get a message and then cut off.
dennis taylor on
wait in line can't register----paid money-----should just be able to take receipt to and pick up the tv when they get more in-------nobody at walmart in person or on phone can help
kenneth teel on

I think it is time to file a class action lawsuite against wal mart for deceptive buiness practices.I think that wal mart should honer every ones recipt that paid for things regardless if they were able to register their recipt or not wal mart knows that they are taking peoples money knowing they have no intentions of having a web site for them to register their merchandise on mabey if they haft to compensate people for their time on the enternet for trying to register thy will think twice next ime before pulling this. i for one am taking my business else where.

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