Can't proceed to checkout

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 10:51am - Anonymous

My cart is full and I am logged in but cannot get to the checkout page.


gloria on
I have my order ready,I want to proceed checkout, but the page does not proceeds, the web displays the same site where i can see whats on my cart. Whats the next step to pay with my credit card?
Angelina on
The same thing has happened to me. I have tried it for the last week and nothing happens. I sent a customer service help email to the walmart address listed in the help section. They have replied 3 times, but only to state that they have received my issue and to affirm that they are currently working on it. Their solution in the last message was to keep trying it periodically. Needless to say, that was of no help. I sent back another email stating the same problem, this time with screen caps. As of today (3 days later) there is no further response.
terica on

I also cant get an order in. I replyed back to them.A man called said just go to go to 1-800-refil.but i didnt get any where there either.




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