cant log in- savings catcher

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 10:24am - Anonymous

get site page - try to log in get text page that does not redirect page text only for days;jsessionid=2391EE1ED32F0EB01166962BC0066677



Joanna Hummel on

Second day in a row that I cannot login.  Will have to shop on Amazon

Sandra Smith-Dunn on

I haven't been able to log into Savings Catcher for a long


Sandra on

I have been trying to log on to the savings catcher web site for about two weeks and I keep gettin the message that the page can't be reached. I think that someone needs to take notice of this problem and rectify it.

Dale Jolley on

what is the problem.  Can't get in to my savings catcher account.   Please let me know what the problem is.   Thank You

Judy Tubberville on

Same as can't be reached.  I can't get into see or get my savings or add receipts. FRUSTRATED!! I want my savings.  HELP.

Ted Richardson on

are you ever going to fix the issue with logging into savings catcher?

Suzanne on

WHY can I not get into my savings catcher account? Its say can not find

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