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Sun, 11/27/2011 - 12:05pm - Anonymous


Cari O'Connell on
I have been trying for ONE FULL WEEK to check out on Walmart site w/ no success!!!!!! I even called once, on the 3rd day, BUT they couldn't do anything about it & said it was basically a "hit & miss" thing...was working for some, not others?!? Anyway, now today, on Sun. 12/4, I STILL cannot check out---AMAZING!!! Luckily,the items I am trying to buy weren't "Cyber" specials that would have expired in the meanwhile. I wonder how many people weren't able to buy what they wanted because of this in the allotted " Cyber Sale" time and how much money Walmart has lost because of it, NOT TO MENTION how frustrated many customers must have become because of it. GET IT FIXED, WALMART.COM!!!!! S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y...
Carlos David on
I have the same issue, and walmart does nothing to overcome this issue.
Raymond Stevens on
Same here. Stupid way to run a business but I guess Walmart doesn't give a crap.
NG on
I too, cannot check out. I've tried clearing my cache and enabling everything and still it will not let me proceed from my cart to the checkout page. I have over $500 worth of items in my cart. Sorry Walmart...looks like Amazon is going to get my business instead.
Muriel roocroft on
I want to check out of walmart
Muriel roocroft on
Get me out of walmart

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