can't check out at

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 7:19pm - Anonymous

I have tried for the last two weeks to check out and have not been able to, sent them an email, they said nothing was wrong with my account and gave me a 1-800 number to call and place my order, that is why I shop online, to keep from getting on the phone to place an order, please fix this problem soon


Wanda Rezac on
That is happening to me, the last two days, too.
Chris on
I've had the problem for months and Walmart tech support continually responds with, "we are currently having technical issues and are working on it"...the same answer I have received for 7 months now. I figured out that I'm able to complete the check-out process at if I switch from my regular browser (which I'm able to complete a purchase at every other site with), and must use the Chrome browser in order to complete the check-out process at
Regan on

That's funny because I use Chrome but ran into the same problem and customer support told me I have to use Firefox or Explorer if I want to check out. Worked on Firefox but I'm not changing browsers everytime I want to purchase something.

David on

Thats funny, I am a System Administrator and I have not been able to nor any of the 400+ computers make purchases at Walmat via Internet Explorer.  I have to jump over to Chrome just for this one site.  All the PC's are of various types, OS, ie; Vista, Win7, Win8 & so on for the past few years.  I tell the employess that I will not get involved in the browser wars and use only Internet Explorer.  I will not install another, second or third browser just so they can make purchases.  A number of these employess don't have computers at home and some who do don't even know how to get Chrome on their personal computers.  I wonder how a Corporation this big can just sit there and do nothing about this.  Look at all the money they are loosing.

Sharon on
I have been trying to place an order for 2 days also and cannot proceed to check out :(
Leena on
Same here.
Dolores Fabian on

I too for the past 3 weeks cannot order anything from the  They told me to use another browser.  I will not.  I'm not going to keep changing browers.  I'll do without.

Same here - cannot check out
Jim on
I can get to my shopping cart but can't check out either
user_name713 on
i had the problem using i switched over to internet explorer (i never use it) and it worked and i checked out my order.
Tracy on
I had the same problem today. Thanks to the previous comments, I switch from Google Chrome to IE and was able to check out there. So, looks like Walmart's site is only responsive in internet explorer.
Wanda Rezac on
Are you selecting items for in store pick-up? Customer service told me that items for same day in-store pick up are problematic. I experimented with selecting other items -- I was able to get to check-out, but when I added the item I actually wanted (oven liner) to my cart I was unable to get to check-out. So it seems to be related to specific purchases.
Tracy on
No, unfortunately not. I selected ship to my home. They were from a wish list, though.
David on
I still can't check out there. What is going on with their website. Firefox for sure does not work. Google Chrome doesn't work either? Only IE? You got to be kidding me. I have never had any problems ordering from the website before.
Tracy on
Did you try IE yet? I never use anything but Chrome, but used IE by suggestion and it worked. I now have my merchandise I ordered and on time :)
any1 on

If you used IE, which has never been secure, don't be surprised if someoe else now has access to all your personal info!

Victoria on
Living here on molokai very remote island, w/out stores like walmart, Walmart recently contracted to ship items here to all our p o boxes, we islanders dont have home delivery, Walmart was viable, helpfull resourse, Then w/out any notice, walmart is not providing enough correct & no info, nor resolving the STOP at the check out on line shopping sites, Walmart is a zillion$ business bcuz us, customers. Does anyone know if Walmart Public Relations is involved towards kokua, helping us, walmart customers, &resolutions?
Erin on
I had the same problem for about a week now. I've ordered from with Firefox countless times, and all of a sudden this week it stopped working. After trying to get from my cart to checkout, it would say "updating" and wouldn't stop. Even though I had the latest version of Firefox, I just went to the website and got another copy. Now it works! So hopefully this is a solution for all the other Firefox-ers out there. Victoria, luckily I've had an ok experience shipping things home to Maui, but as far as Walmart's PR, I haven't heard any good things. The company's service has created an image that definitely doesn't embody kokua.
Lotacats on
I was ready to scream and kept wondering where I failed to fill in something or whatever. The mention of making it work by using another browser was the answer. I tried Safari and then Chrome to no luck..then used good ol' Fire Fox and it worked very well. That is weird. They need to get their IT guys to make the check out compatible with all our browsers. Thanks for mentioning the use of another browser. Straaannnge stuff.
Sharon on
I have been trying to place order for 2 day cannot proceed with order, Fire Fox is my browser
isela on
Well I try IE and it doesn't work.. any suggestions?
judy on
I just had the same problem. I was on Internet Explorer and switched to Google Chrome and it worked! Who knew? Thank you for the tips!
Chris on
Looks like, for whatever reason, Internet Explorer is working for some, while Chrome is working for others. I could not checkout using Chrome.
Lisa on
Neither Chrome or IE are working for me .... quite frustrating I get a boatload in my cart then it says the system is nonresponsive when I go to check-out. Really can't understand that a company this large would not have fixed this - for me it's been about 2 weeks of trying to buy something from them
Chris Thomas on
Hi Lisa. You may want to try deleting your temporary internet files on Internet Explorer. Not sure it will work, but it is easy and worth a try. Google it for instructions. Hope it helps.
Chris on
I had the issue with it getting stuck on "updating". Switching to Internet Explorer worked. I never us IE, but it made the checkout process work.
John on
I had the same problem while using IE9. I switched to IE8 and connected no problem.
Josie on
Same problems trying to check out and very frustrated.
Brad on
Same problem, doesn't work with Firefox. I'm running Linux, so IE isn't an option. That's okay though, if Walmart doesn't want my $300 I'm sure I can find someone else to take it.
je suis citoyen canadien et dans mon panier d'achat j'ai un ordinateur portable que je ne peux payer,meme quejevais payer les frais de transport,les taxes,les douanes etc!...Pourqu'oi est-ce que ca bloque!..
Symone on

I had the same probem. At first, I couldn't shop on Walmart'e site with my chrome broswer. So I started using IE, but it stopped working. I can't go to the site using IE anymore. It's really annoying. I've tried sending them an e-mail, but I haven't gotten a response. 

Lynn Mooney on

Have 3 items in cart.  Not allowed to check out.  Sent email.

Nancy Fernandez on

ive been trying to check out and can not.

martha garske on

here it is 9/21/2016  and once again, cannot get thru checkout. I would think that someone at Walmart could or would fix their problem.  Now I have to find another company to get the product that I need online.

Annie on

can't get though checkout--won't let me check out--using Google Chrome

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