Can't access Cart

Fri, 11/25/2011 - 12:05am - Anonymous

I can place items in cart, but when you go to checkout it site states it the following;

We're having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested, but we'd like to offer steps to help you below.


Anonymous on
Same issue
Anonymous on
working now
Andrea on
Same issue. Got all the way through and processing my payment and went backwards.
Anonymous on
Checkout page/cart page both intermittently down now -_-
Anonymous on
Now it just says cart is empty even if has items in it
Anonymous on
Seems to finally have gone through
Anonymous on
or not back to temp difficulty page after verifying card >_<
Anonymous on
Even though went to temp difficulty page got confirmation e-mail woot! goodnight, on east coast and gotta work tomorrow
Andrea on
Same thing.. hope it doesn't charge the card more than once!
Andrea on
Way to plan for volume Walmart. Not. This is crazy.
Ashley on
Grrrr my PayPal says pending for three orders?! Pretty sure I only ordered once and got no email confirmation
ct on
cart down, some links broken
Lexie on
Site still down, cannot access cart. "Access Denied You don't have permission to access "/D/4373/97666/000/" on this server." error message posted.
Lexie on
Walmart, are you even working on this issue? Went to the store and the item I was trying to purchase was gone in 30 seconds so I am attempting to get it online and the site is crashed. I think you need to terminate your contract with your network management company.
Lexie on
Hey everyone, the mobil site works, so you can order there if you really need something.
Jennifer on
If you have an ipad.. do everything from that. Also if you have some items being shipped and some going to the store for pick-up do two separate orders. I did that, and it worked. Thanks Lexie for the Mobile site option. That worked for me on my ipad. Good luck guys!
NumericalDark on
'My Cart' down... poor programming, and you'd think they'd spend more time fixing the only place that counts? This better not last long, because it's pissing me off.
NumericalDark on
Been trying for an hour, no luck, and my last message was NOT sent at 6:54pm, it was sent at 9:56pm.
drgnfly on
Same problem. Seems to get further if I sign in instead of continuing as guest but eventually same error pops up "We're having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested, but we'd like to offer steps to help you below." 10:17 pm (central time)
NumericalDark on
Screw this, I'm using Amazon. The same item isn't that much more expensive, and I can get it quicker. Thanks Walmart.
Kaytandrobbiesmom on
Having it this morning, this sucks
Alena on
Ugh mines is saying the same thing an when i started back over it kept erasing my cart saying you have 0 things in cart Ugh come on walmart your site sucks PLUS IT's saying products are out of stock than all of a sudden back in stock wth walmart
Cynthia Baines on
I signed in to pay for the 4 things I have in my cart but I cannot access my cart. I keep getting a message that says We're having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested, but we'd like to offer steps to help you below. Hit back button and I do but still nothing happens.
Cynthia Baines on
I cannot get out of this procedure.
Jimxxx99999 on
Walmart keeps giving me the "We're having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested" message when trying to view shopping cart.
RG on
If you clear history and cache in your browser it will work. At least it did the trick for me.
steve on
I am trying to purchase items right now and everytime I click "add to cart" it forwards to a screen that says my cart is empty
steve on
Tried clearing cache and history...still not able to place the desired item in cart
Nila on

my brower will not open and I have copy and pasta it, I can not check out!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

Adrienne on

I am having trouble after I put an item in my cart, to get to my cart to pay for the item.  I can select the item, but the next page just shows nothing and a circle spinning in the middle of the next page.

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