Cannot order 99% of grocery items

Sun, 05/08/2022 - 11:10am - Anonymous

This issue is on website as well as iOS apps. I can shop fine for all my grocery items, but when I go to check out only 1 shows as actually available for delivery while over 20 items now show unavailable, includes staple items. Again, I had successfully been able to add them, meaning the site did not indicate they were unavailable. I am used to not getting 1-2 of my items when they actually fulfill the order, but this is too many for it to be really unavailable. I tested this theory by adding every type of milk and eggs available, got to check out and NONE of them are available. 


I chatted with walmart to advise and was given some BS saying it was my computer's problem or the items were not available. When I insisted it was a site issue they offered to have someone call who could place my order for me. I agreed. That person was even less helpful again saying the items are just not available but felt very proud that they were able to go ahead and deliver the string cheese (the ONE item that works). I declined, that is not an important item like the milk, eggs, etc. I asked him if he really thought they were out of milk. He gave me some more BS that the stores we can go to have different inventory than the delivery people. I told him when I do go to the stores I literally see employees fulfilling pick-up/delivery orders off the store shelves. He said those must be orders that were called in directly to the store.... heck no. I don't buy it. 


I have been trying to place the order since Friday, so for 3 days now with same situation. I even tried a different location, to have it sent to my mom's in an adjacent city.... same exact items are unavailable. This is too much a coincidence. So frustrating. 


Pam on

I'm having the same problem, everything in my cart shows unavailable at checkout.  I first noticed this on Tuesday, 5/10, it is now Saturday 5/14.  

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