All items out of stock

Sun, 10/24/2021 - 11:50am - Anonymous

When I type in something as simple as "tater tots" it says no matching results. There are only 3 options for eggs. All milk and cheese is out of stock. And it will only let me deliver chips... not add to pick up


Jennifer G on

EVERY brand, size, flavor of ice cream, cheese, and juice says out of stock..... same with soda, i even tried to dopick up and says none of the 10 local stores has any cheese, ice cream or juice.... ive tried contacting customer service and they are no help... i pay for w+ cause i need delivery and cant get it 

Nicole Johnson on

yess same problem here,. I typed in pizza and literally no.pizzas came up. Just pizza sauce . I contacted customer service and they said to reinstall the app. Did that and same issue. Very frustrating.  Hppe this gets fixed soon 

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