Sun, 12/01/2013 - 5:10am - Anonymous
Trying to register for my 32" $98 Emerson TV WHICH I STOOD IN LINE FOR, PAID, AND RECEIVED A VOUCHER, but the website to do this is only allowing payment with a Walmart Gift Card. It doesn't give the option to pay with a credit card - I added the 2 year warranty. I am not about to take off the warranty just to see if it works since many people have warned me that the TVs they purchased for Black Friday deals broke within 6 months. Apparently too many people trying to register is the problem with this site and they have extended the registering process but how hard would it be for WALMART to admit their fault and post something on their websites and provide a customer service number that actually works and doesn't disconnect you. Very unprofessional and just plain bad business! The way they've handled this doesn't sit well for me and I won't just accept my "$98 gift card" and be told I cannot have the TV without writing a scathing article to the local newspaper among spreading my unhappiness online so that Walmart will have to address our concerns with the 1-HOUR IN STOCK GUARANTEE.


thomas Hollingsworth on
I have two TV's I paid for but can't register them to be delivered to baxterspring, ks , walmart. Phone number (417)439-4749.

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