location is not verified on getting license step in va lottery app

Tue, 11/14/2023 - 10:12pm - Anonymous

I can log in but cannot play any of the games due to error message "location is not verified on getting license step". Refreshed the app, turned off and on location services in phone settings but still having the same issue. 



Karreyatta Hood on


Allison Pinter on

Mine is doing the same thing Location is not verified on getting licsence step

Juana on

Im having same issue

Nina on

I'm getting the same thing. I've even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and now I'm missing location services for the app!

Tenesha Williams on

Im having the same issue as well

Anonymous on

Mine was doing the same thing. I contacted VA Lottery and they said they are aware of the situation and they are working to fix it. I hope this helps.

Margie Ridley on

My appt is saying location not verified.  What can I do?

Megan R on

Encountering this as well

aaronwt on

It's been twelve days for me now. The same stupid issue. From one cell phone and five tablets. From. Cellular and five wifi networks. Wifi Networks on Verizon and Comcast. The Va lottey app on all devices can't geolocate correctly. Prior to the app update, a couple of weeks ago, I never had any issues. Now I can't use the app on any device. Because it thinks I'm not in Virginia. I've sent messages and email to Va Lottery. Even talked to them on the phone a couple of times. They keep saying they are working on it. If they would just roll back to the previous app, the issue would be resolved. The VA lottery app is worthless now.

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