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Tue, 06/26/2018 - 3:39pm - Anonymous

Trying to fill out international customs forms. This happens monthly and I am really getting tired of this. I clear my cache, and am able to type one form and then it gives an error. I have a couple hundred to do and this is so frustrating. Please fix it!


Saundra Bixler on

I have tried three different browsers, and none of them were productive in solving this. In fact, when trying Safari, I got an error that said I don't need a customs form for the APO/AE address that I was senting to. I am on a Mac, but I have also had this problem on my office windows computer. 

Curt on

Seeing the same here .... it let's me fill out all the information, and then at the very end reports an 'unexpected error'.  Running Linux + Chrome browser.  

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