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Wed, 11/25/2020 - 9:13pm - Anonymous

this is a consistent experience when I use click & ship. Please fix your website. Notify me if you have suggestions for a fix via email [email protected]


Carson on

I'm also getting this error and it's driving me crazy as I'm trying to send my girlfriend her Christmas gift abroad and hopefully get it there by that date.

sherm gallay on

Haven't been able to print a click-n-ship lable for two days. When I click on "select service and packaging" the "processing" pattern displays on the screen for about 20 seconds then the program reverts to the home page (where I made theĀ "select service and packaging" selection). In about fifty tries, I never got the service and packaging listing.Nor did I get a warning or error message. Dead in the water. My inquiiries to tech support have yielded no recommendations, or even an acknowledgement the a problem exixsts.

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