select a shipping date? I did it. but still not working.

Thu, 02/06/2014 - 5:11pm - Anonymous

"You must select a shipping date" even I select the sipping date. Please fix it. It's been one week!!!

I use Firefox 26.0.

Please somebody give me a advise.




leon on

The same thing happened to me!

li li on

same here

meh on

In every browser I have tried... And they wonder why they're going down the tubes, I'm trying to give them money and their site just will not work.

enhao on

same here

wenyi.chen on

same here,You must select a shipping date drive me crazy

Danielle on

Any news about the "select a shipping date" problem? I still can't do it...

enhao on

try another browser  Opera, it works for me

pri on

I have had this problem for over an year! And finally worked with opera! thank u

jaki on

Firefox and Chrom dont work.

Please fix this soon

Tao on

I tried with iphone and it worked. 

Johan on

Any news or work around to the select a shipping date problem?

It seems like its been a problem at least since early February.

I've tried Safari 6.1.3, Firefox 29.0.1, Opera 21.0 all on a Mac.

Sally on

Try that on!

I don't think it is the best service, a good way for us however.

(I've tried in Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox but still can't do that on original usps website.)


Victoria on

I encountered this error today.  It is absolutely ridiculous that it has been unresolved for over four months.  The Post Office is a great publci service but the sheer incompetence of their management is depressing.

HAO on

THE SYSTEM HAS ACTUALLY BEEN DOWN SINCE, I GUESS, LAST YEAR!!!! I tried to have it printed but it just doesn't work, at all!!!! It did drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent hours and days on this **** "you must choose a shipping date"

Johan on

Update from me: I never managed to get passed above problem on a Mac regardless of browser but tried Chrome on a PC and it wasn't an issue. Although when getting to billing/payment it said I could pay with a credit card or through paypal but of cause for unspecified reason they didn't take foreign cards nor foreign paypal accounts both of which is what I have. So I transferred the money quickly from my foreign paypal account to a US based account, linked to a US bank account and US credit card, of cause adding money for the paypal fees. But then when trying to pay from the US paypal account the payment was once again declined for unspecified reason. No matter what browser I got the same error. They were sorry though! I too spent days trying to get passed this system but eventually gave up on USPS and went with the competition. Of cause it cost more, plus the fees to paypal, plus all the time trying to work around their sorry excuse for a website but it would be an easy choice had I known beforehand.

Rob on

Opera 24 on pc does at least gets past the shipping date issue. Now to try and jump the foreign payment hurdle.

Xinyu on

Same here. Driving me crazy



Zhen Zhao on

Same here. Could USPS fix this ridiculous problem?

vivien on

Same here! This ridiculour problem drives me CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

呵呵 on


majiaxi on


xiayuan shi on


傻逼usps on

操他妈妈 一年多了都没解决

xiayuan on


andy on

Go to Panel Control, Languange and Region, change the format to English (United State).

傻逼usps2 on

前两年就不行 今天还不行 服了

傻逼usps啊 on

没错 他妈都好几年了啊

哈哈哈 on

哈哈哈我今天试了还是不行 也是醉了

SE on

几个月前试过不行,当时没办法用的paypal, 这个网址:


usps尼玛 on






majiaxi on

same here. 

Windows 7. Chrome didn't work

YM on

I just found out what causes this problem. It always occurs when your browser language is other than English. To fix this, you have to go to your browser settings and change your default language to "English (US)". After I did that, the error no longer occurs. Some other problems I had with USPS site also got cleared once I did that.

H on

This is the root cause! Thank you for the tip!!

Aida on

Thanks - even after a year, there is STILL this problem. But your solution worked!

olivia on

Life saver! thank you! 

andy Wu on

Change your language and date format by going to Control Panel, Region and Language, Format Englsih (United State).

LAN on

Doesn't work.

I'm in the year of 2050 AND IT STILL DOESN'T f!*#1NG WORK!

Jacqueline on

It worked! In Chrome, drag English as the first (top) language.

fuckusps on

looks like USPS is a racist

mazafaka on


Some One on

Almost at the end of 2015 and STILL HAVING THIS PROBLEM.

Kate on

Having the same issue. This is ricidulous!

Wilson on

This way fixed my issue.

Change your language and date format by going to Control Panel, Region and Language, Format Englsih (United State).


Bryan Trout on

With Firefox I just had this issue after a brand new install. Worked with my other computer but not this one.

Under tools/options/content click the popups exception button and add Took me a few hours to figure this one out. Tried the above mentioned language settings with no results. Somehow the Firefox browser thinks there is a popup or something.

Hope this helps.

Yessika on

It didn't work on my computer. I tried on my samsung galaxy note and it worked successfully.

mancy on


I just figure it out today.

Just download the english version Chrome to repalce ur other language of Chrome.

Then it works!

I was using Chinese version of both Chrome and Safati. It doesn't work. I'm so happy it works now.

I hope it can help you guys~

Have a nice day~~ ^_^

mancy on

I just figure it out today.

Just download the english version Chrome to repalce ur other language of Chrome.

Then it works!

I was using Chinese version of both Chrome and Safati. It doesn't work. I'm so happy it works now.

I hope it can help you guys~

Have a nice day~~ ^_^

Uli on
Same to me too!!
urocissa on

I installed an English version of firefox and it works finally! Someone should fix the problem!

Claire on


amy on

,,,,,,能不能用啊 现在???!

SF on

I also used the English version of Firefox and eventually it worked! This is truly annoying. USPS should be more considerate to those who use multiple languages! 

Jair Ortega on

I have this problem too, but i read of using opera, i installed it, and it works

daisy on

I had trouble doing this on my chromebook on my account (usually set in french language) - I changed it to english and it still didn't work. then I signed onto the GUEST account and it worked. 

Shawn on

it warms my heart to see all the others all the same problem as I do. AWWWWW



Gisela on

Geez, the problem still exists - I could fix the shipping date issue, but neither my German PayPal nor my American Debit card were accepted. So yay on one side, boo on the other. And thank you for that solution!

Raphael on

Hi Gisela!, same issue for me. did you solve it ? Any advice for accounts/cards issued outside USA ?

juan on

Just change the language and region to usa, it worked for me.

olivia on

Before it was Chrome, now even firefox and safari got this problem!!! how can we send anything? so mad to see this problem exists since that long and still not fixed!!:(

Juan on

try with internet explorer 10

Olivia on

I did as said above, put my computer/browser as "english" main laguage and it works... 

olivia on

You need to be  using a browser in english.. if you using any other language, it won't work... ;) 

Antonio Santos on


I try all browsers and different computer and allways I receive mensage

"You must select a shipping date" 

d. on

Unreal, this problem exists for over 2 years??? Yep, mail is slow indeed!

I'll try with other browser/settings...

Elena on

I tired everything. english in setting. tried my google phone, there's a different error there. I can't leave a house to send a parcel but I need to send the parcel argghghghghhgh

Ann j on

It's work on Opera web browser.

DL on

Browse Language MSUT BE ENGLISH

Radek on

Feb 2018, issue still here.

MarcoQ on

Change the language of your browser to English (US) and the problem disappears. Just English did not work for me, I had to change to English (US)

Alison on

Thank you!!!!!! This was driving me crazy. Switching to US English solved it. That is some software-gore level bad design.

Jordan B on

Shameful, USPS, shameful...

Do you realize what are you doing!

Since this error I have to spend an hour in your office every time I have to ship.

As a result I am using USPS as minimal, as possible.

Xiao F on

Same here. I try to avoid them as much as I can too

anon on

Was encountering this issue on Chrome on OS X.


The suggestion to set the default browser language to "English (United States)" worked for me (it was previously "English (Australia)").

Ana on
Tatiana on

October 2018. The problem is still there. My language is English, I am in USA, still doesn't work neither on Windows PC, or MAC laptop

Shawn M Butera on

Make sure it is changed to English United States. I was having the same problem and changing that in Google Chrome fixed it for me! 

Tatiana on

Yes, it is English (US). Doesn't work. 

RedHen on

I switched browsers ... does not work. 

I switched to another browser ... does not work.

I changed the language to ENG US ... does not work.

I shut down my computer and restarted it ... does not work.


To say that this is frustrating is a gross understatement!!! 

USPS缺程序员吗? on



USPS engineer m... on


TYPE74 on

The bug is there for many many many years and they have ZERO intention to fix it.

The only thing you need is (temporay) remove all other language support (in Windows, Region & language -> Add a language section and REMOVE all language and keep "English (United States)" ONLY.).

Ray on

This issue has irritated me for a while now.  I tried switching my iPad language and region to English, US and it works.

I’m pretty sure the issue is that the US wries dates backwards compared to the rest of the world.

I’m An American, and even I don’t understand why we go month/day/year instead of day/month/year.

Mossie on

I finally changed the language of Chrome to English (US), and it worked!!!!!

我以为就我一个人有问题,上来一搜竟然有一个从14年更新到现在的帖子也太好笑了吧哈哈哈哈!9102年了USPS竟然到现在都没解决这个问题........我用Chrome 然后把浏览器的语言切换成English (US)然后就可以继续了!大家试试希望有用!!

Alita on

It does not wok!

I switched the language and re-downloaded chrome, it didn't work.

Is there any other way?

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