Click-N-Ship not working

Sun, 07/22/2012 - 6:35pm - Anonymous

Looks like USPS is screwing with the Click-n-Ship create a shipping label page YET AGAIN! An address can be entered, but the page will not advance to the select a shipping option page. Also, if you want a good laugh, look under where it says "Disclaimer" towards the lower part of the page - somebody left in the "Lorem ipsum" placeholder text! Shame, Shame, Shame! - Does no-one there check their work before letting a page go live? There is no excuse for sloppy work like this!


Benjamin on
click n ship will not allow you to download or print a shipping label
Angie on
We are having the same problem. Can't save to a pdf or print. I tried 2 different pcs (both using Firefox and IE) and nothing works. Now I am getting an error in red saying my labels can't be printed at this time.. Seems like the site is having issues but I hope it is resolved soon because the labels have to be printed before midnight... :(
Kristin on
Still down - 6 hrs. after last post by "benjamin"
Angie on
I called their tech support and the guy insisted it was my PC. I'm quite certain it isn't since I tried more than one and I print labels several times a week. Still down...
Dale on

Click and ship is not allowing labels to be printed.  All attempts show an error when there is no error and you cannot proceed.

Lynn on
Not printing for me either. For the last 8 hours it keeps saying "error" and won't work on first class international. But if I print domestic or express mail then it works? Can we not ship first class international on the click n ship site? Any one knows?
Dale on

We are having a problem with attempts to print either foreign or domestic labels using click and ship for busines.   All attempts report an error when there is none!  This has been happening for over 6 hours today.



ludo on
new usps click n ship does not work... I really wonder if they even try the software before release.
Mike V on

Not working here in TN either. Firefox & Chrome. Not even getting "Payment Options" or "Print Labels" buttons to render.

Jim K on

Looks like someone at USPS decided Click N Ship was working so well that it needed work to correct that.  They lost our business to FedEx today.

Mike on

USPS Click-n-Ship still not working for us at 5 pm Monday Jan 27 in FL. Same problems as indicated above with no drop-downs available for package type. Using IE but tried Safari too. Cleared cache and re-booted; no go. Looks like they screwed us again... and they wonder why they're failing. No Live Chat availble either and we've been on hold on the phone for 29 minutes so far.

Tammy on

I hope everyone can benefit from this.  I finally talked with someone today who gave me a soulution for the lable priniting problem.  Apparently, a value of the package is now REQUIRED.  Even if you enter $.01 in the vale field - it will then give you the other options below.  It would have been nice if they had posted this tidbit of information on their website.  

Tina on

Tammy, THANK YOU!  I have been wrestling with this for days!  I never would have thought of that had you not posted.  So very much appreciated!

P S on

They only give you 5 digits for a Japanese Postal Code in the drop down list.  Postal Codes in Japan have 7 digits.  Took me over 1 hour to get it reported, but the lady in Customer Service was very nice.

Mike V on

I figured out how to make it work.  You have to enter a value for whatever it is you are shipping.  Once you do that all of the usual required buttons and features suddenly appear.  Not sure how making their website operate like a Rubix Cube is supposed to help them/us...but there it is. LOL

Cassie on
scott on

Tried entering package value, but when I processed the order an error message still appeared at the top, saying "refresh page". Of course, when you do this, all entries are lost.

VA on

Thank you, Mike V. When I added a value for the packages, I got a button to select prices and I could finish the labels. Windows 8.1 + Chrome.

Diane on

I am able to get prices on click and chip but when page is open for a few seconds there is an error messages and internet explorer closes the page.  I have IE 11.  I have use click and ship without issues over the holidays but the new improve version is not working well.  What is with the live chat link?  Nothing happens when I click on it.

Nick on

Having the same issue. Have tried for almost 30 mins to print 1 simple little label for flat rate box. Sheesh! Online chat help link does nothing. Just says "No one is available at this time".  Even entering the value it still is not working. Terrible website. Guess Fed Ex will be getting my business. As if that matters either way. Anyone want to open a shipping and logistics company? We will have NO competition.

sean on

the postal service website is like the obamacare website. It works like 1% of the time. 

Anne Pauken on

Click n Ship will not open ... just keeps spinning.

Christian on

I am still getting this error message:

  • An unexpected error has occurred. Please try refreshing the page.

Has this eveyr been resolved for you guys in the past? I really need to ship some packages internationally and filling out all the paperwork in the post office is super inconvenient.



I have been using this site to click and ship almost everyday and It start telling me "You must select a shipping date" every time when I try to select service type since two days ago....won't let me go any further steps. So I can not CLICK and SHIP!

I am pretty sure there are something going on their system...It is very inconvienient

linka on

Now Click n Ship allows entry of all the relevant info (including value), but no button appears to SUBMIT the info for the label and move on to next step (payment?)... Why does USPS site not acknowledge it is broken, and why does USPS not care if it loses even MORE customers to other carriers? TOTAL LOSER ORGANIZATION

lindalu on

incredible that they are still in unreliable....won't let me use address book...won't allow return address...won't allow date...and without these items you CAN NOT proceed ....when I reported it...they said they were aware....that was all.  USPS is a cry for help

Swell on

I keep trying to use the click and ship site and for 3 months now ... STILL not working .... does anyone even check this site??

When you are disabled its a nice feature to have available until they don't bother to fix their site! 


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