Won't load

Mon, 01/23/2023 - 9:43pm - Anonymous

Been like this for days


JP. Domjan on

Why does informed delivery No let me know when Certified Mail packages are coming,or ready for pick up? Have had Important Packages Meds.  from V.A.  returned to sender because I was never informed of mail waiting for pick up,no tracking # NOTHING! I signed up for informed delivery because I live rural, and can only get to town mabey once a month! I have important meds sent to POBbox so they won't be stolen out of mail box which I can only get to  mabey once or twice a month. Mail box is 4 miles away down mt. All roads are washed out to mail box. PO.is50 min drive away! Seem to Always get a heads up for JUNK MAIL!  Though Not Certified!

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