Not getting pictures of mail, cannot log onto Informed Delivery

Wed, 03/22/2023 - 11:06am - Anonymous

First I quit receiving pictures of my mail in my email. It was scattered at first, but haven't gotten any for several weeks. Now I'm not able to log into Informed Delivery website. Why? Because they aren't taking photos of the mail any more at the local PO office? Irritating!!


Margaret Millington on

Informed Delivery no longer appears in my emails. I tried to log in manually, but after entering my username & password, it asks for a phone number to send a verification code. But when I do, I get a message saying there's an error & I should wait 5 minutes & ask for a verification code again. So I do, but the same thing happens! Why aren't I getting emails from Informed Delivery anymore, & why can't I even log on to the site??

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