can't get password page to load

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 9:22pm - Anonymous

entered my login i but can not get password page to load to enter password.


Jody A Daskam on

When I try to log in I just get a blank screen where the password page is supposed to load.  

Jo Anne Quinn on

What is going on??? I am reporting on 9/18/2018....I log in with my user name, and can get no further!!

I think I need to go back to getting my statements by mail.  Umpqa's tech services seem to continually fail...  I do not think it is funny not to be able to avail myself of my statement and balances when I need to!!!!!  (Do not promote online services, vs. paper, if you cannot provide them!!)

DR on

9-22-18 Password page not loading

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