Buzzing Right now & Hot Trends Broken

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The key feature of the site, which is to show words and phrases that are trending or "buzzing" on Twitter is broken or disabled for some reason.  This usually shows a list of words with the size of the text larger for topics that are being discussed on Twitter more than others.  It is similar to the Trending Topics list on Twitter, but simply with keywords.

A feature built into older versions of TweetDeck connected with Twitscoop and showed these words directly in the client, enabling users to click on them and they would open the word in a web browser, showing recent discussions of that word from users messages on Twitter.  This feature currently does not work either.

This may be an issue with the introduction of Twitter's new API, 1.1, which was released about the same time this feature stopped working.  However, Twitter says that vendors who use the API should have six months to update and allow it to continue working.

Their Twitter account, @twitscoop has not posted anything since July.  I emailed the only contact I could find on the site, and have not heard back.


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Site is back up and working properly

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