Wed, 08/25/2021 - 8:11am - Anonymous

Wed., August 25th 2021- Time 10:06 a.m. / Galveston County, TX
This is the second week of trying to follow the directions, as outlined by the state of TX, and remain compliant with the deadline of September 01, 2021!  TX, this is unacceptable. Let's get this fixed or a lot of good, accountable, law abiding folks will likely be opening Congressional Inquiries over a false accusation if we continue to be faced with unncessary and preventable impedements/difficulties as it relates to complying with the directions we were given in regards to submitting requested documentation by the TX Workforce Commission.  I will  now be documenting my attmepts with video/screenshots as well as I will  be faxing, mailing (certified) the afore referenced document and I will continue to observe the functionality of this website until they fix it.  This is what they claimed was their preference...and now it's down and/or broken. Calling state representatives as there should be more eyes on this one.  Why is this acceptable? This is a serious issue. 

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