It's been a month that I can't login. It always says "logged off" after entering my information.

Mon, 07/20/2020 - 1:21am - Anonymous

Please I need it fixed. It's been a month I cannot request my payments.


anne terry on

I filed for Unemployment and was approved June 14 2020. Missed my first payment request. I am not a savvy unemployment benefit recipient. Have never received unemployment in spite of having worked in Texas since 1953. Now realizing my error I am trying to contact TWF either by internet or by phone. Totally impossible. Have tried contacting Cisco Gomez. Left a message.  The number published by TWF  1-800-884-6578 is a bad number. Message fron my carrier VERIZON  tells me the number cannot be completed as dialed.  So where does one go from here?  Have I lost my unemployment benefits?

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