Does not let me log in

Wed, 07/08/2020 - 10:29am - Anonymous

every time I try to log into the system it keeps sending me back to the home page. 


Dustin Kountz on

I enter my username and password, then my SS# twice.  Finally I eneter my PIN and my password.  Every time it takes me to a page that says that a certain phone number would best serve me.

Jessica H Curtis on

Same and I've been trying since Monday Ughhhhhh let me know if you ever have luck getting in or getting a hold of someone thanks

katherine on

mine the same for 3 weeks now and i cant reach anyone

Philip Viele on

Yeah keeps sending me back to the login page and I can't get through to anyone over the phone or email...

David Lyons on

Same thing for me.   Even tried at 2:45 AM, and get the same thing.

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