Cant request payment, CAPTCHA not registering

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 5:26am - Anonymous

After selecting an answer and checking the CAPTCHA box, the page redirects you to do it again, repeatedly. Can't make it past the first page when attempting to request payment.





twc down again 12/23/2020 code 404 not found


Same problem here to.

DcLtwedt on

Same issue as others.  Cannot get past 1st page

Shannon Gonzalez on

Smae issue. This problem has been reported since 3:46 am and it is now 11:02 am and still an issue.

Selim Sabillon on

Same here. I tried to do it on my iPhone, and on my pc using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The developer who added the CAPTCHA feature apparently did not do a good QA job before implementing it in Production environment.  This happening before Christmas, I predict it won't be fixed until next week if we're lucky. Merry Christmas y'all.

kb on

Same here. Captcha not working. 

Selim Sabillon on

It is working now. I just submitted my payment request. Merry Christmas everyone.

Heather Lynn Llanes on

try clicking the captcha image with the arrow.  It sort of refreshes the captcha and then I was able to get through


Nori on

This happened to me today. I was able to login, but when I selected  my answer about if I needed to update my info...then clicked next is when the recaptcha error appeared. I try safari, chrome, firefox , opera and then I tried it on my android. They all had the same issue. I always use a VPN when dealing with financial  or private information, so I thought perhaps that may have been the issue. Yet, I never had this problem in the past. I also removed the pop up blocker to ensure that was not the issue...and it still did not work. I ended up calling Tele- serve 800.558.8321 and did it through the automated system and the claim was processed. I went back to the sit and it showed me my next filing date. Which mean the phone system did process the claim. It took FOREVER to do it over the phone and you must pay attention to each question, so if you have to use the Tele serve make sure you pay attention to the questions.

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