Cannot File Online - Referred to Call In But cannot get through

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 6:36am - Anonymous

Was able to create an account online but received message saying cannot be done online and need to call.   Spent 45 minutes trying to get in only to finally get in and get a message saying cannot take your call due to high call volume and to try again later.


Marisol Rangel on

I need to file for unemployment but I can't get through lines are busy 

Carissa Miller on

I set up ID and password, and it wouldn't let me login. Then told me that all sites do not accept same ID and password so created a new ID and now it says my SS# is a duplicate. So frustrating!!!

Please help! I just need this issue resolved so that I can apply online.....and was told to call but also getting the message saying due to high call volume they are unable to take me call at this time. UGH!

Judy on

This has been my experience as well

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