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Mon, 02/01/2021 - 1:43pm - Anonymous

i didnt recieve any benefits in march when my job was cancelled due to covid19. i was denied benefits the first time and had no way to apply due to not having a phone or internet at home. seems they take forever to call back and never answer when called. even the number they request youy call by certain dates dont work and they than pentalize you for not contacting them by the requested date.(double-jeapordy). They have agents giving directions over the phone that lead to suspected fraud and claim issues. i was told to reapply by an agent after my Ui benefits ended on December 26,2020 before the extension notification which put my claim disabled. This is a nightmare to be lead wrong by the same people that suppose to help! right now im locked out my account and i have made several requst for call back,submitted info in , and sat on hold for unlimited hours waiting to speak with someone before being disconnected randomly after holding for hours. im being evicted from my home due to this error and wait period which i have yet to get a response. 

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