Site Logoff as soon as login completes

Thu, 01/13/2022 - 1:19am - Anonymous

The Suntrust site is logging me off as soon as it completes the login process.


T bone on

Still down today, 1/13. I called Suntrust, they just said they are aware there are login issues. I said "issues?", it just doesn't work. What if you had to make a payment or needed some updated numbers for another transaction? Very poor migration.

UpsetCustomer on

I just opened a account with them a few days ago since I am going to be moving.  I tried to log in last night to see if my accounts from where I live now were verified yet and once i tried to log in, it logged me back out.  So I tried today and the same thing. Is anyone going to fix this??  If not I will be taking my money somewhere else.

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