Recent Reports

Site Issue Time & Date Comments Same as others - It is taking longer than expected to fetch the next song 5:36am 8/7/12 Stuck on loading screen - spinning loading icon 4:48am 8/7/12 It is taking longer than expected to fetch the next song to play 3:39am 8/7/12 Will not download movies 12:53am CST 10:52pm 8/6/12
StumbleUpon.comStumbleUpon Won't load 6:39pm 8/6/12 Site will not load at 9:02 pm EDT 6:01pm 8/6/12 Home Depot Home depot site is Down - Hire some real IT folks! 4:53pm 8/6/12 isn't loading at all 3:39pm 8/6/12 It is taking longer than expected to fetch the next song to play. 2:18pm 8/6/12 says call us as website is down 1:59pm 8/6/12 Site says " website currently unavailable" 1:52pm 8/6/12 Site is unavailable. 1:49pm 8/6/12 temp off line 1:47pm 8/6/12 doesn't let you log in says server not responding 1:39pm 8/6/12 server busy unable to load 1:37pm 8/6/12 Site and mobile apps down. 1:36pm 8/6/12 Chase site lets you login, but no hangs after that 1:34pm 8/6/12 login password accepted; site fails to load 1:12pm 8/6/12 site down; down not load 1:08pm 8/6/12 cannot log into account 1:04pm 8/6/12 It is taking longer than expected to fetch the next song to play....... 12:43pm 8/6/12 Stuck on Loading Screen 11:42am 8/6/12 Once logged on, Account information won't load 11:11am 8/6/12
http://www.espn.comESPN Doesnt load webpage links 9:48am 8/6/12
https://www.groupon.comGroupon Site down for maintenance - no clear time it will be back up 9:26am 8/6/12 Checkout 9:25am 8/6/12 Wireless can't access information on verizon account site 8:34am 8/6/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America cannot log in 8:26am 8/6/12
Newegg CanadaNewegg Canada Newegg Canada down 5:51am 8/6/12
https://www.okcupid.comOkCupid technical difficulties check back later 3:14am 8/6/12
http://www.adobe.comAdobe Site is down 2:33am 8/6/12 Checkout still errors when picking up in store. 11:32pm 8/5/12 BZYCE 8:52pm 8/5/12 Debit transaction denied 5:15pm 8/5/12 stuck on loading screen. 4:21pm 8/5/12 Stuck on loading screen wtf 4:16pm 8/5/12 Pandora will not load songs 4:14pm 8/5/12
http://www.adobe.comAdobe Server down 3:00pm 8/5/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America cannot log into online banking 2:52pm 8/5/12 stuck in home screen 2:51pm 8/5/12 Pandora won't load 2:43pm 8/5/12 Android app as well as website load, but do not play music. 1:53pm 8/5/12
http://www.adobe.comAdobe Site down 12:39pm 8/5/12 Can't procede to checkout 11:23am 8/5/12 Site is Down 11:01am 8/5/12 Student Loans Site down due to outage 6:50am 8/5/12
http://www.flixster.comFlixster Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. 12:07am 8/5/12 Stuck at loading screen 7:08pm 8/4/12
https://www.weebly.comWeebly can't access weekly at all 3:25pm 8/4/12 Will not load. 3:02pm 8/4/12