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Site Issue Time & Date Comments no pages displayed, not even the home page 9:04pm 9/6/12
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest API validation error 8:59pm 9/6/12
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest API erorr 8:58pm 9/6/12
http://www.espn.comESPN Site won't even load. 8:32pm 9/6/12
http://www.espn.comESPN won't pull up website or fantasy league 6:52pm 9/6/12 Wireless cannot access billing or any of My Verizon on the site. 6:22pm 9/6/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America website down 5:54pm 9/6/12 Will not load any programs 4:59pm 9/6/12
https://www.weebly.comWeebly Weebly server down 3:20pm 9/6/12
StumbleUpon.comStumbleUpon site down 2:03pm 9/6/12 Site will not load 2:02pm 9/6/12 website will not load 1:58pm 9/6/12
http://www.espn.comESPN site down 1:11pm 9/6/12 pandora will not log in..... rather it will not load......... very very very... 1:03pm 9/6/12 errors on page 12:47pm 9/6/12 Website not allowing account log in 11:36am 9/6/12
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Frequently Asked Questions - Site Down 11:30am 9/6/12 Can't sign in 10:58am 9/6/12 Can not Connect 10:00am 9/6/12
http://www.huffingtonpost.comThe Huffington Post 500 Error - Page won't load 9:45am 9/6/12 Shopping cart down 8:11am 9/6/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America BANK OF AMERICA EDD CARD WEBSITE 1:25am 9/6/12 Site needs constant reloading 10:21pm 9/5/12 Wireless Unable to login to My Account- view usage, pay/view bill, etc. None are... 9:41pm 9/5/12 Ebay is down....!!! 8:21pm 9/5/12
http://www.espn.comESPN can't login 8:01pm 9/5/12
http://www.espn.comESPN cannot login 7:54pm 9/5/12
http://www.espn.comESPN cannot login 7:35pm 9/5/12
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Validation error and API error 6:57pm 9/5/12
http://www.espn.comESPN Cannot login 6:44pm 9/5/12
http://www.espn.comESPN Friends and I cannot login 6:42pm 9/5/12
http://www.cnet.comCNET Whoops! You broke the Internet 6:09pm 9/5/12
http://www.cnet.comCNET Whoops! You broke the Internet! 5:34pm 9/5/12
http://www.cnet.comCNET home page not loading 5:32pm 9/5/12
http://www.verizon.comVerizon Cannot check repair status on 4:22pm 9/5/12 Express Much of Amex Travel site is down 4:06pm 9/5/12
https://www.weebly.comWeebly Moving in circles 2:22pm 9/5/12
https://www.att.comAT&T Unable to connect to server 12:11pm 9/5/12
https://www.okcupid.comOkCupid Can't do anything 11:16am 9/5/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America can't access website 9:00am 9/5/12
http://photobucket.comPhotobucket not loading slideshows 8:38am 9/5/12
http://photobucket.comPhotobucket Site down -- loads a "this action has failed page" 8:36am 9/5/12
http://photobucket.comPhotobucket can't log into or view photos on Photobucket site 8:34am 9/5/12 Student Loans site won't load, this is what happens when you let GOV run things, most... 8:30am 9/5/12
http://photobucket.comPhotobucket site down 8:15am 9/5/12 AOL Down 7:35am 9/5/12 Netflix website isn't loading 6:57am 9/5/12
http://www.cnet.comCNET site down 6:43am 9/5/12 Netflix is not available 6:14am 9/5/12
https://www.dropbox.comDropbox This webpage is not available 6:13am 9/5/12