Unable to update my android app

Sat, 09/11/2021 - 9:51am - Anonymous

I cannot open my mobile banking app because it says it needs to be updated. When I try to update the app in Google Play, it keeps saying "something went wrong. Try again." I've restarted my phone, and it still does not work. I'm connected to my home wi-fi, and I have sufficient space in my phone. 


John Shirley on

After calling for 3 days, waiting on line for hours for an agent, talking to 4 different agents including tech support who wrote out a support ticket and told it might take days for a response, checking the number of 1 ratings of people that are having the same problem with your latest mobile app down loading or working, I've come to the conclusion that: A, you need to fire the people that designed this latest mandatory update, and B. drain the swamp of you agents that are useless at solving problems    for callers. First, I use the mobile app for virtually all of my payments, money transfers, etc. Right now I am facing eviction from a RV park where I am staying, and owe money to 2 other person's, that are crawling up my back for their money. This is unacceptable for a bank to put me in this position, when I have over $75,000 in 2 accounts at your bank. I am a full time RVer and meet hundreds of new people every year. I am constantly ask from people about my experiences everything from insurance, where is a good place to eat, and yes where I bank. What do you think I would tell people right now about you bank. Does anybody at Regions really care about my situation. My guess is that they don't. 

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