Money that was deposited for Social Security is not showing available. The money was there and now a how's gone. Transactions are not showing that had been. My mothers Soc

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 9:09pm - Anonymous

My mothwrs Social Security check was direct deposited now the money is not showing. She has not made any transactions. Also transactions that were done week ago are missing. She lives on this. Now she can't do anything. Please contact her. 205-413-2986 Glenda Chandler DOB 8-3-49

Or me her daughter Deanna Dare 904-528-7981


Deanna M. Dare on

Money that was deposited is now gone.

Deanna M. Dare on

Please delete my comment. I did not know it would show for everyone. Put my personal info on there.

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