Error: System Too Busy

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 5:15pm - Anonymous


niteowle2004 on

1/2/14 10 pm cst .... getting system too busy error message from pogo website for last 2 hours. there is a toll free phone number that calims to be pogo tech support....pure lie. They claim there is something wrong with your computer and will get u to allow them into system. the 1st thing the tech will do is to disable ur anti-virus software. if you are not a puter techie, then DO NOT ALLOW THEM INTO YOUR COMPUTER. I have spent last 2 hours cleaning the crap they downloaded behind the scenes...nothing maliscious just crap. Another techie tool I deploy tells me if a website's server is down and POGO is idea what the problem is....

mike tarquini on

why do I pay for pogo, when the server does not work.


guess they are not getting any money

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