still down friday 8:22am est

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 5:25am - Anonymous
Site: will not load


Hans Neuteboom on
Have not been able to get into the logon screen for my PNC Bank account for over 24 hours. Firday 8:31 Am still down.
Donye on
PNC website was down for most of Wednesday. I was briefly able to log on on Thursday but was kicked out then the site was down for the rest of the day. It's now 8:40am Friday 9/28/12 and the site is still down.
Tom on
Still have not been able to logon to pnc bank acct. Going on 24 hours now. Called bank, all they will say is having delays with logons. Guess they do not read the news.
Yes. PNC STILL DOWN!!!! had an employee tell me it's NOT because of the cyber attack, they purposly put the site down to protect against cyber attack....ahhhhhchooooo b.s.! The banks could not avoid this, the largest cyber attack in banking history! I can get to the log on screen & sign in but cannot do anything, no bill pay etc..Will have to go to an actual branch to do my banking today :( I wonder how long this nonsense will be going on ???? Banks 0- Cyber attackers 1

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