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Leisa Swarz on
online banking DOWN--extremely inconvienient
Leisa Swarz on
online banking DOWN--extremely inconvenient
Klaus D. Post on
It has been impossible for several days now to access internet banking. I always get error-information whenever I try to open I would appreciate your information!
stephen on
the site is down again this morning. i am new to pnc but never though i would have this problem. seeing as how its reoccurring is not good...
Carol on
This has happened before. Very frustrated. No help from on line banking phone line and branch tried to help but could not. And why do I have to download acrobat...which is a lot of hoops to jump thru. PNC, do you read these and do you care?
smilano on
Why is the site down? Did the PNC get hacked? If the program is down, you need to note when the site will be in operation.
pierre de Gaspe on
Today is August 13,2013 and the system is down, How long as it been down?
humberto ramirez on

que el website que siempre he utilizado no es el correcto para hacer la conexion.  cambiaron de website?  cual website debo utilizar?  es muy frustante los inconvenientes que continuamente se presentan para tener acceso a las cuentas.  hasta hace 15 dias no tuve ningun problema.  en la ultima semana ha sido imposible el acceso.  actualmente estoy en colombia y pueden accederme en el black jack 770-291-0854. 

Lorna Schlutz on

I've tried repeatedly to pay a bill on line this afternoon.  I've gotten all the way to bill pay exactly once (after trying repeatedly before and since, having to answer three different security questions, but have had no success.  When I did get to bill pay, I pushed the required button, and the site spooled and spooled, and finally told me it had timed out.  This is very exasperating, especially since the site doesn't let us know there is an on-line problem.

Ray Powroznik on


Douglas R. (San... on

Today is the 25th of March.  Why can I not log on via the servlet to check my checking account balance?  Can I expect more of this?  If so, should I investigate the possibility of a new bank?  (three accounts: Checking, Main Savings, and Computer Replacement)

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