Gray screen and can't login

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 6:05pm - Anonymous

It started a couple days ago. I'd only see squares of colors with no pictures. And not I'm only seeing the gray screen on top of the attached photo. I try to login on the greay screen - and then it takes me to the screen on the bottom of my attached photo. I've been googling this issue for a while and I am coming up with no answers. I've reinstalled Chrome. I've tried firefox and ie. I've deleted coockies/cache. I've updated flash. I've played around with antivirus settings. Nothing has worked. 



Kim on

I just uninstalled my antivritus (avast) and tried opening Pinterest in a new window. IT WORKED!! I'm going to reinstall and see what happens. Stand by.

Kim on

IT WORKED!!! So far so good. All I did was uninstall Avast, restarted my compueter, and then reinstalled avast. Hope this fix lasts. 

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