Pandora One NOT Working....

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 10:25am - Anonymous
I just bought pandora one and for what?! this little wheel keeps spinning around and circles and NO songs are playing at all! What the hell?!!! Fix this!


Cari on
same with me... It worked great until I upgraded to Paid Pandora One! I've been emailing back and forth with someone at Pandora but he keeps saying its my phone.. ITS NOT, because it will all of a sudden just start playing (but only in the evenings, as if maybe their servers are overloaded during the day and cant handle the capacity) I'm getting very frustrated.. An honest answer from Pandora would be nice.
Robert Farr on
Same here. Pandora works but not pandora one which is a subscription service.
Byron Rivero on
my pandora one account is not working. My account is paid through I tunes. It has not worked for 3 days
Robert Farr. on
It worked all day today. I deleted the ap and reinstalled it. Now it seems to be ok. It acted up after last update. Try writing them. I did and maybe that is why it got fixed. I admit I am not happy with the having to Renew every 4 hours. I listen to music all day. I wish they would let it play for at least 12 hours.

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