Network Solutions Professional Email update, now not receiving

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 3:55am - Anonymous

Network Solutions updated their online professional email software yesterday and since I have received no emails.  I sent mysefl a test messsage from NS - either not sent or not receiving. I sent myself a test message from a different account (Gmail) and that was not delivered.

I think they broke it.  I am trying go chat online and no one is answering.  Calling on the phone they say they are backed up.  I wish they would post a general announcement to save a lot of people a lot of wasted time.


Richard Collins on

I talked to Network solutions and they tell me that I need to change my MX records.  

YourDomainName.ext  10
YourDomainName.ext  10
YourDomainName.ext  10
YourDomainName.ext  10

They also gave a link about domain names

Search for "How Do I Manage DNS and Advanced DNS Records?"

Mike on

NS thinks we are all experts at this stuff.  They broke it and expect us to fix it!  That is BS

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