inbox gone!

Fri, 01/25/2013 - 8:32am - Anonymous

All my emails are gone


vishnuram on
Our web site & emails are hosted with Network solutions. A/c no is 32666234. We have bought 1000 email address & using only 135. All required fee is paid for Domain till 2018 & web mail charges are paid till september 2013. Our company's communication system is crashed for last 5 days & sad thing is that none of the customer care nos is answering. We have send at least 10 emails to customer support & no replies. We paid the domain charges today & it was accepted happily. We tried to call all telephone nos in the website of Network solutions in India & we get irresponsible replies after saying it it is an IBM company. Bombay office regretted & gave one Bangalore No. THat person gave another no of Bangalore HO. After talking to atlease 10 different people they directed to call Mumbai number which started this. How do we get a relief, Company is losing major orders due to Email issues.

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