Unable to connect to Netflix on roku

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 3:32pm - Anonymous

Have not been able to connect to Netflix on our roku since yesterday 2/4/13


Same here. Can connect to Netflix on computer but not through Roku. Was on February 4 til about 9. Disconnected but have not been able to get back on since.
Buckly on
Also having problems connecting through Roku. Hulu Plus works and I can get Netflix on my computer.
Anon on
Reporting same problem, can access Amazon and HBO Go through Roku but not Netflix.
Joe on
My Roku XD stopped accessing Netflix about 10 minutes ago. Stuck on the "retrieving" screen now. Crackle is also down. When I press play it brings me back to the home screen. Anyone else having that problem?
Adam on
Same here none of my rokus work in the house on Netflix.
Joe on
Same here. Roku stopped accessing Netflix yesterday 02/04/13.
Jen on
Same problem!
scottpanic on
Netflix down since yesterday at 10 pm on roku. Still doesn't work
Joe on
Any idea who we call to start a fix?
Joel on
We just finished an episode of a show, and suddenly it won't connect to netflix on our roku. Everything else works, and we get netflix on the computer. If they are having a problem it would be nice if they would at least let users know about it... and the support site is down now as well. Oh well, guess it's Hulu for the evening.
Bruce on
Same problem, same time as everyone else here. Still can't get netflix, and we're in the middle of House of Cards!
Bruce on
Ok I just tried right now after watching like 20 minutes of District 9 on Crackle and Netflix works now! For now... I should say...
D on
Netflix seems to be working as of 6:15 CST.

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