says must sign in PS3, but I am signed in

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 4:33pm - Anonymous

says must be signed in to PS network... I am signed in... restarted, and reset modem, still can not get into netflix



Brian on

I'm having this issue too.

silvster27 on

Same issue here.  I've tried logging out and logging in several times.

Jason Ricardo Romney on

Having the same issue, I'm signed in and it keeps saying I need to sign in to psn

Krystal on

also getting same error, ps3 IS signed in?????

Jason on

Same here, tried the old hold select button while loading and that did not work, can see my account info just fine. Just now deleted and redownloaded the app it wanted to download and install version 2.14. Relogged in and it seems to be working fine now.

Leonard Ortiz on

Try selecting Netflix app from menu and hold select and start until app opens. Renter use name and password. I should work after that. Worked for mine

J mommy on

THANK YOU Leonard! after fighting with it for hours i saw ur post and was finally able to fix it :D

Joe on

Thank you Leonard. Worked for me too.

moki on

user and password for ps3 or for netflix?

Alex on

Alright!!! Thanks leonard! Works great!  For anyone having issues do exactly this! Its as simple as it sounds!

Mart on

Once I deleted netflix and reloaded it, it works fine now. 


im also having this same issue

Rick on

Tried that. Now it won't except my sign in information. So is the whole app having issues?

Saundra on

I am having the same issue.

Saundra on

Thank you so much Leonard!!!! It worked for me too!

Sterling on
Andy on

Same here

Guy on

I did the delete->reinstall fix earlier today and it worked for a while, but now it's back to giving the PSN sign-in error again just like before. Getting sick of this stupid problem coming back every couple of weeks for the last 3 months or so, it's ridiculous.

Kia on

What the hell netflix?!

ggggg on

Im having the same problem 

o4cup on

For what its worth I do not believe this problem is a netflix issue as much as a psn issue. I noticed this problem first by trying to sign into nascar2011.  that issue has persisted for a couple of weeks. It wasnt until to day that netflix became an issue. over the last couple of weeks netflix had no issues while the nascar game would not sign in and now, in one day netflix worked fine and two hours later when attempting to sign in again I now have the same issue as posted by anonomous above.

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