Sat, 11/01/2014 - 8:03pm - Anonymous


Paulina on

Netflix is down amd wont let me watch my shows 

Chris on

Netflix not working on PS3 but works on my Galaxy S4 and Android Tablet. 

john Daniels on

I can log in from computer but PS3 getting error nw-6-500

Chelsea on

Not working on my PS3.

Kristy on

Dying. PS3 not working.

Riley on

Won't work on my ps3 either but will on my iPhone somethong going down witg the Ps3 netflix I guess

jeremy on

Can watch from my computer, but can't log in from the PS3 nw-6-500

Keshelle Alexander on

NNetflix not working on my wii or ps3 whats up?


Corey on

Down on ps3, quirks on my galaxy note 3.

Will Hunting on

I want to watch the movie that is not even factual about my life. Netflix is down on my PS3. I have the problem fixed but Netflix won't take me serious. 

Jason on

PS3 not working, but computer works, kinda.

matt on

OMG what will I do without MY SHOWS?! IT IS THE END OF ALL EXISTENCE AS WE KNOW IT. Go outside, chumps.

nano on

It's late and freezing outside.

Corey on

Matt, Don't be a jerk. Been outside working all day... wanted to cuddle with my wife on the couch watching one episode of madmen before going to bed. If you don't have something useful to add, shut your pie hole.


dennis on

down on my ps3 as well . getting the nw 6 500 code womp womp

Robert on

Cannot get into Netflix. error code NW-6-500 using PS3

SamT on

Getting same error 2018-03-14. Looks like this has been a problem for years!

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