Netflix with Roku unable to connect to internet

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 1:48pm - Anonymous

My Roku won't play Netflix, but Netflix plays on computer


Bob May on
Monday, 12/24. Started around 1 pm MST.
Ryudo on
Have a old 2010 Roku Netflix was working until several hours ago. Error code 010 everything else is fine on it.
Freetime on
Netflix part of Roku still is down as of 6:29am east coast time.
Dominick on
Only on my new Roku same issue. I have an old Roku with no issues.
Kate on
Getting the same thing. Also with amazon.
Dominick on
My Amazon is fine. So is Crackle. It's just Netflix and only on my newer XS device. I tried removing the channel, rebooting and adding the channel. It won't add it. It's saying my login is wrong which is nonsense. I think the issue is the Roku Netflix login failing for now and getting the message that it can't connect to the internet is bogus. My Roku is connected to the internet
Carol Currie on
I have Netflix through Roku. It has worked well until this evening at 7:30. It still won't work. Displayed on the screen, "Can't connect to the Internet" "Confirm that your internet connection is working by attempting to connect using another device." (what other device?) your isp(error code 010. My computer could not locate code 010. Please advise. Thank you
Roni on
Having the same issue here. Roku and Netflix worked fine earlier today but keep getting an "Unable to connect to internet error (code 010). New Roku device - out of the box today. Pandora works fine and I've reset all factory settings. Must be Netflix. Roku says the connection is good under settings.
Jessica on
Same here, everything else on the Roku is working, but Netflix won't even take login and password....went to Netflix sight just to make sure I had the right password....annoying.
Rayanne on
Glad it's not just me. I was blaming my kids for doing something. Hope it's working soon.
Jan on
Dearborn, MI Same issue on both Roku2's. Working earlier now Netflix not working. Amazon is fine so is some other apps. Now Crackle not working either. Roku says internet connect is "excellent".
jim on
Same here, everything else on the Roku is working, but Netflix won't even take login and password...
carlolday on
same here only netflix not working
Mark on
thank you everone for your posts. My Roku XD is having the same problems with Netflix thought I was going crazy rebooted my Router about 3 times and was thinking about doing a factory reset on my Roku... So thanks again for the posts and Merry Christmas everyone.
fred kozlof on
Netflix via Roku won't 'connect to the internet', yet the Roku connects other channels, and all other devices in my house connect, including blueray player to Netflix. This is a problem caused by Roku. It's 5pm EST. in NC
Matt on
Confirming the same thing here in North Texas - Netflix streams fine on iPhones, computers, etc - and internet connection is good. Roku Netflix channel is the only thing thinking the internet is down. Even pandora works fine. Must be the Christmas gifts slamming the servers...5:30pm CST
trevor on
I'm here in Central Illinois and having the same issues as everyone above. It's Dec 24th a little after 6pm. Thank God I'm not the only one! Thought I was going crazy.
deb on
ugh, meet too - it just won't connect and it says my internet connection is perfect, yet it doesn't work....grrrr
Don on
Here in Rochester, New York and same issue. Other Roku channels work but Netflex says I am not connected to Internet
Brittany on
In WV... Same issue all evening. Miserable
Ravi on
Just thought of watching a movie on netflix/ROKU, It doesn't work. Tried all methods it keep saying can't connect to internet , that is wrong. All my other laptops/IP phones are working fine. Any Idea what was the issue ?
Sean on
Same issue here. Amazon/Netflix will not connect to internet, all other channels seem to work fine. Tried factory reset, tried adding/removing broken channels.. nothing resolves the issue.
Tali on
In ny. Same issue here. Very frustrating. Just had a long flight home and was looking forward to relaxing with a movie. Hope there is a fix ASAP.
ksuth29 on
Same thing in Fayetteville nc
swagwithit on one found a solution?
Torialynn87 on
In Reno NV, same issue. Reset router and modem and unpluged my Roku box as well. Netflix and Amazon are not working.
Kim on
roku isn't working for me either. Tried unplugging, and a factory reset, but nothings working. Hulu Plus, though, is working fine.
OP on
Same problem in northern CA. Connection fine until try to connect to Netflix, then dies...
Anna on
Same problem in Mableton, GA! So annoying because now I'm having to watch shows on my laptop instead of tv. I've removed & readded the channel & rebooted my box. Everything else is working! Someone find a solution!
Zara on
Same problem in Nashville, TN. It says on my Roku that Netflix can't connect to the Internet ( error code 010). I do not have any problems with Crackle and Amazon...Only Netflix.
Nat on
Same issue here...Netflix on roku doesn't work, everything else works such as disney, crackly, amazon etc... I did factor reset, as well as confirmed internet connection is good..please confirm can't wait to see a movie
Becky Cross on
Same issue here in Fort Worth. Cannot access Netflix, says cannot connect to Internet, even though the device Internet test works and I can access other channels (Slacker, HboGo, Pandora). This is extremely frustrating and we were ready to throw the Roku through the Window!
Andy post on
So...the Myans were right, we just had the day wrong???
Mr_7235 on
Same here in So-Cal, only Netflix is busted. Glad it's not the box, bummed I pay for Netflix/bought a Roku Box
Andy post on
Same here. Merry Xmas from ROKU
Emmet on
same problem using A Roku 2 and will not let me connect to my Netflix account.
mariko on
Down in Sf too!! My solo holiday plans were filled with Neftflix movies. And now...nothing. bah humbug!
mariko on
Ron Franz on
All day in TN, thinking about canceling Netflix after this! One of the few days I'm home with family and they ruined movie night. What the heck are we paying for?
RD on
Hi, Anyone know is there an ETA for fixing this? Is there a formal way to report this to Netflix? R.
Billy on
Same in Eugene Oregon. Both Netflix and Amazon aren't playing vids. I'm on Comcast and Internet is perfectly fast. Reset all hardware. No go. FAIL.
Joel Hickman on
I am also having the same problem (old roku). While could connect to my wireless network, I was having problems connecting to the network/ internet, but I was always trying to connect to Netflix. After shutting down and restarting roku, I can reliably stream from the internet from other channels, but when I try to connect to netflix, it (wrongly) reports errors that suggest I cannot connect to the internet.
Teri on
Also in Northern California . Was able to connect to Amazon but not Netflix.
Craig on
Same problem here! It was fine this morning
Alex on
Same issue in South Georgia
Kayla on
Same in WA. Thought I was going crazy.
Ruki on
Same here in CA. Maybe it will be fixed by tomorrow?? Hoping :(
jstthinkaboutitt on
Same exact thing here with netflix on roku. Getting the error 010 message with the connection problem. Everything else is working on my roku box.
ruel on
mine too here in california, been trouble shooting the roku applications here and there and still to no avail. I am put on hold for customer service support for at least 10 mins now. Upon reading this messages, i felt better at least.
Donna M. Tarras on
Glad I found this site.....everything here in Mpls/St. Paul works fine on Roku except Netflix. Still stream on my computer. Thought it might have been Comcast. Have had issues with that before.
Miranda on
SAME HERE!! Having issues with ROKU. Just opened it last night, Christmas Eve, brand new Roku. Everything is set up. Wifi router listed it as "active" device. Roku box says it's connected to my wifi router. But when I try to connect to the internet, I get an error code. I'm in NY.
Donna M. Tarras on
Now I get only voice stream on computer. Oh well, music for me I guess.
Miranda on
I just got this Roku box last nght and set it up. I guess I should wait and see how this all pans out? Getting error code 010 or something-can't connect to internet, check your internet blah blah blah
Heather on
I am having the same issue. It started last night and has not resolved. Other apps on Roku working. Also have connectivity with other devices. Any solution yet?
Betty on
Same issues in Southern CA since 4 pm both Roku & Samsung Galaxy Note will not connect to Netflix errors 010 & 0041. Haven't found a fix for Roku yet but if you go to Settings, Manage Applications and "Clear Cache" it fixes the Samsung Galaxy Note error 0041.
Clyde on
Same issue here in DC
ashley on
anyone still having problems? my netflix still isn't connecting keeps telling me my password is wrong on my NEW ROKU.. the other channels are working and i can log in on my computer just fine. hope everyone had a Merry Christmas
There is something definitely wrong with Roku. I have two. Only one has stopped working since the 24th. It is not my internet service since everything else is working. It is not netflix because my other roku works fine. Up until Dec. 24th the roku was working fine. Amazon was blamed for the service going down, but what happened to all the devices once this happened. Conspiracy to have everyone go out shopping for new ones?
It does not matter what you do. I unplugged and re-plugged the roku. Disconnected and connected both my modem and my router. re-set the settings on the roku. It's to no avail. Its like if your device was on when this malfunction happened your device got fried.
Annoyed in NYC.
Homles on
Unable to connect to netflix with roku. Down for at least 3-4 hours now
pam thomas on
today i got wifi with roku hd. Tryed connecting to netflix and it just keeps connecting.. wont go any further.. My internet is fine and everything else work great on the roku, just netflix is not working. what is going on? oor does someone know how to fix it?
Jackie on
Everything works including Hulu Plus on Roku but I can't play Netflix. Will this correct itself in time? Has anyone else been able to fix this problem?
Emmet on
I had trouble when I first connected my Roku , I hard wired my Roku to my modem and did the updates on the Roku, this helped connect you also need to adjust you wireless modem, if you are only having trouble with Netflix , it is your Netflix service call Netflix on the problem they told me some times if you Wireless is to slow it will not play Netflix and you might try to run a network cable off of your modem and hook up thou this and see if this fixes it if not it is a problem with your Netflix maybe your pass word or they did not get the payment thou what ever use you have.
Collective82 on
Are we sure it's not roku's servers? Mine works all day but craps out at night. And I think Emmett above works for roku since its blaming everything but the roku.
Chad on
Am having problems connecting to Netflix via Roku 2 @ 6:20pm EST. Have troubleshooted my network and other devices, all of which are able to connect to the internet and the Netflix service. My device is fully updated and when launching the Netflix channel, it either hangs on the load screen or brings up the connection error.
Lee on

Netflix works OK on Kindle Fire and on laptop. go.  This is the message on screen: " Invalid device credentials.  Netflix does not recognize the credentials of your ROKU player.  Contact Roku support"

joe on

Had this problem too. Was driving me nuts for 2 days! Unplugged modem and router and waited for 30 seconds then plugged them back in. Good to go now for Netflix and Amazon.

SE on

Here it is 2015 and the issue persists...come on Roku, get with the program or I'm going with the Fire stick.

A Russell on

I'm so done with this Roku not working with Nerflix. I'm ready to make the switch to anything else. It never workd

stewart on

Amazon not working. Have roku3 . All other apps are streaming fine. Keeps saying that my internet connection is not working. Geeze over 3 hours now.

Robert on

I can't connect to Netfix on my Roku 3. I keep getting an error code NW-2-5. I've done everything it tells me to do. But it still doen't work. All my other apps work fine.

Netflix works fine on my Xbox One.

Mark Hofer on

Roku 4 won't connect to Netflix now after doing it fine for 3 months.  Other channels work fine.  It locks up with Netflix logo on screen.  My Roku 3 is more reliable and generates a better picture with a weaker wifi signal.  With Roku 4 I had to get a wifi extender just to match the picture.  Very disappointing performance overall.

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