Cannot login to pay my bill (Upstate New York)

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 10:23am - Anonymous
Website having problems to take my login info. When I refreshed the site it takes too long to open the site for upstate NY residential accounts.


Polina Shvartsman on
Cannot go online to pay my bill Please, help
Jeff McLauchlin on
Can't log in to my account. enter info and no response
asma rafiq on

im not able to login since last month. even last month took long time to pay

Eugene F Williams on

I am on holiday out of State and CANNOT log into my "UPSTATE NY NG ACCT.  I will call and try again.

Roberta Webb on
Gordon Craw on

Confusing how to log in to pay business bill upstate, ny

Tells me user ID too long, using e-mail address.

Michell corron on

What a pain it is every month trying to pay my national grid bill in upstate New York. It takes more than 30 minutes just to find the right website after you bypass NYC, Massachusetts, the UK. Why is there not an app for this like every other business? And the app they do have is to report power outages. Every month this frustrates me. Repeatedly I put in the e-mail just to have it say too many characters... oops again wrong page. Frustrating!!!!!!

Arthur Henry on

FRUSTRATING !!!!  Can't get to the dang page to log in to pay my bill.  I could scream.   I am upstate NY, New Hartford, NY 13413..  What dang URL do I need??  

I am going back to searching now but this is all a pain..


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