nationstar site still down

Sun, 01/05/2014 - 7:41am - Anonymous

Site still down 1/5/2014


brenda on

Still down?? Have been trying for days on end. Attempt contact via phone, nope, just automated system. No human can be found. 


Pamela-Jean Gauthier on

This site is still frustrating! I cannot pay my mortgage! It's now late, and I suppose they will impose LATE Fees"!!!?? NOT FAIR!!!

angnmatt on

I had the same problem as all of the above. I have been trying for three days, kept getting errors.  After a ton of internet research I found that they changed the site.  This is where I was finally able to pay. ( my name and account numbers were correct and I received my usual email confirmation.) Hope this helps you all.     

angnmatt on

* just click on MyNationstar and payment options*


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