Nationstar Mortgage Website Down

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 10:42am - Anonymous

Tried to log in to pay mortgage since last night.  Keep getting error page "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".  Tried 3 different computers.


Julio C Araujo on

Couldn't made my payment, web site is not working

A.c. on

I try to get in there. Web page endless time seems to me like they did it intentionally because the 16th is the last day it that you can make a payment for Nov without paying late charge. Might be a little trick they play to collect additional fees. 

ricardo on

trying to make payment cannot connect maybe they trying to collect more money

Janis Veillette on

Cannot login to pay my mortgage!

Alan on

I too am attempting to pay my mortgage and it appears that the website is still down.  Don't they have an IT department.  

Kenneth Dimery on
Tried to get on Nation star web page,to pay my mortgage website down.
Rachel on

Web down, that's it !!   Need to fix it ASAP !!


Carla Franco on
I've been trying to pay my mortgage and nationstar mortgage is down
Frustrated Borrower on

Can't access my account to make my mortgage payment! Is anyone else having this problem this weekend?

cheryl mshar on

I've been trying to make my payment online since 12/28/2013 No luck. I have called the 1-888-480-2432 number provided, and that does not even work. Now NationStar Mortgage is going to charge us all LATE FEEs.



gerald porteus on

I have tried since 12/28 as well to pay and even the on phn automated way it hangs up on me. How does this company do this. Now I w be lste and lose my refi bc of it. Great way to ring in the new year 

Deb Clavel on

Wow, didn't realize all this! Their website has been down for over a month?!?   I made my December payment on November 12.  When I couldn't get to their web site, I started Googling. Appears all this started November 16th.  Has anyone heard anything about the company?


Steve Morris on

I did not even receive paper bill from Nationstar.  I hope they wave late fee for this.

Deb Clavel on

I was able to get in to their mobile site via my ipad.  Try that!




I tried all day yesterday both mobile and regular site. Failed at zip code entry. 

Called, left callback message, no call back.


nationstar paym... on

Nationstar's home page is "up" but attemping to logon to pay through online system 11/9/16, 11/10/16, 11/11/16, repeated errors "this page is temporarily down for repairs, please try again in a little while"

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